Airpods Pro 2: Hands-on (with H2 Chip)


Airpods Pro 2: Hands-on (with H2 Chip)

So apple has introduced the new AirPods pro second generation they’re largely what we expected I got a bit of a hand on the demo they are very similar on the outside but there are big changes on the inside. So on the inside, at least the key difference is that these are powered by apple’s new H. 2 chip that allows for a lot more processing power and also is


more energy efficient so these do have better battery life that’s up to 6:00 hours battery life and an additional 2004 hours in the charging case that chip is also combined with new glow distortion drivers that allow for better sound quality and more definition in the basin

overall better clarity bit richer sound and on top of that better noise canceling apple says up to double the noise canceling as the previous generation on the outside there are some small changes the microphone configuration is slightly different so that’s all supposed


to allow for getting better noise canceling and hopefully better voice calling performance the AirPods pro we’re already good for voice calling but hopefully, they are a little better I need to get a chance to test that yet but if you were hoping for something like

shorter stems or no stems and all the stems are still there there are some changes to the pinch controls those are still there but there’s a new swipe control for the volume that’s a touch control on the same area where the pitch controls are so that’s news to there are volume


controls for these and that’s something that a lot of people have been waiting for I did get a chance to try out the noise canceling and it does seem to be better it was a noisy room it doesn’t completely muffle the sounds best when a lot of voices and stuff but it did reduce it

considerably some features are also tied into the new apple watch series a delight to see just how much noise reduction is in play another area with an AC chip comes into play with the transparency mode apples now calling it adaptive transparency so when you’re out


there and you have transparency mode on you’re getting that ambient noise on that apparently adapts to those outside noises the transparency mode on the original AirPods. The rope was very good and sounded very natural so we’re hoping that this transparency

mode is even better apple is also talking about the personalized specialty that’s a new feature the original AirPods pro had spatial audio as well as the AirPods 3 and now this heavily enhanced version of that’s supposed to be more tailored to your ears the other notable


changes to the charging case it appears to be the same size as the previous charging case but it now has a built-in speaker that will emit a sound that really comes into play with the find my teacher the precision find my feature and if you lose your AirPods and they have an

account semi it’ll now emit a noise just like the air tags doing just like your iPhone does not a small thing but the charging case it is a MagSafe charging case not only is the charge with your regular G. wireless Chargers but it also now charges with the apple watch park so


that’s good for people who want to charge both their apple watch and AirPods and finally, the charging case has a little spot where you can attach a lanyard that lanyard isn’t included with the AirPods pro second generation so they’ll be plenty of landers I assume

that would be available from third-party companies I was kinda hoping that apple might include some foam ear tips or something like that it hasn’t changed your tips but it has included an extra small tip and a fourth-year tip for those who have very small here’s one


the thing we don’t know is whether these will support apple lossless over wireless who knows maybe we’ll get that feature in the future but stay tuned for our full review in the coming days and if you found this video informative it all hit the like button and subscribe already if you haven’t I’m David Carnoy thanks for watching.

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