Apple Air Pods Review: Fully Wireless!


Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!

After listening to us right now huh Hey. What no okay of course not. Now. Hey, what’s up guys into BSD here and. Airpods remedies. These are finally apple’s AirPods there introduced alongside the iPhone 7 if you remember and then there were a bunch of delays a bunch more delays and much more but now they’re finally here so in case you forgot was


actually special about these besides just the fact that their wireless is the W. one chip this is new and if you get past the fact that they look like a slightly larger version of the apple AirPods with a longer stem and the weird let him get past all the jokes are we should actually

know about the W. one chip was introduced for easy pairing of these air pas and anything with that chip to all of your apple devices without you having to sign in so as long as you have an apple ID on your device so for me that’s my iPhone my iPad and even my MacBook


pro this will be able to pair with all of them instantly via Bluetooth so this is not the first pair of headphones to come out with this ship the apple made beats solo 3 actually had them not demo them in a previous video but here’s how it works you open the case that they

come in for the first time with the iPhone somewhere near it this turns it on the iPhone finds the headphones to them and you’re connected just like that with that one button press these air pas are not connected not just to my iPhone but they’re ready to play on


any and all of my apple devices and I don’t have to do this process again also there’s a little bit more tech inside these besides just the drivers in the batteries there’s an accelerometer and a pair of proximity sensors you can see the little dots on the outside and

these are basically to be able to tell if it’s in your ear or not and there’s also a touch sensor on the back of the earbuds for further controls all this means you’re gonna have some smart tricks up your sleeve with the AirPods mainly just for convenience so first of all on


there is the case they’re charging and off if you take them out of the case they turn on and they connect everything when you put them in. Here your audio automatically starts playing uses the proximity sensor to automatically start playing your music when you take one of the

ear pods out of your ear it automatically pauses so it’s kind of neat if one falls out or if you take it out make listening to music and you meet the one just pause and listen to someone talk you can just pull out your ear and all that stops and you can hear people are saying


once you put the ear but back in the music starts up playing again what’s cool is since there are actually no in-line controls where you would normally find them on a wire there are play pause controls on the side of the but itself so there are touch controls a single tap on

the side of the year but will activate play pause you can actually double tap to activate Seery from your iPhone or from your mac and we use the microphone built into the air pas themselves to listen to you now it’s a series so it has its flaws but it can be pretty useful like


you can change the volume of what you’re listening to by double tapping and asking Siri to turn up the volume or if your parents your I. phone or walking outside you can say to navigate somewhere and you hear the directions in your ear and the AirPods which is pretty useful

so that we can do right out the box with the AirPods as far as audio quality goes they’re pretty similar if not a little bit better than the AirPods but they are the exact same shape as the ear pods so if those worked well for your ears then these will stingers well so might sound


weird to say but the wire in between the earbuds of normal wireless earbuds or just regular headphones is actually like a convenience feature if one of them falls out your ear you know have to go looking for it because it’s attached to the wire it’s kind of a strange

the thing to think of it that way but that’s kind of what this is teaching the battery life on these is 5:00 hours on a charge which is a little bit less than what I’m used to with the Jaybird X. threes which will go around 8:00 hours but what’s really convenient is again in


that case it’s really a big part of using these AirPods that case with the wireless charging you sleep with the magnets you snap into place and you can add 3:00 hours of listening time in just 15 minutes so that’s about half battery in 15 minutes of charging in there and

then you can total about 24 additional hours of listening time by putting them in the case all day so if you commute to work and you listen to these for like an hour. Each way you can probably go a whole week without actually charging these 3 things are on sale now on the


retail for 100 $59 but again if you order them right now you will get them to like 2017 are still delayed so what I recommend these over a similar pair of wireless earbuds like my Jaybird X. threes now I’d still prefer those I don’t really like these that much but I like the

more than I thought it would and that’s a good sign I think it’s because of all the tech inside because of the mikes in the proximity sensors in the auto play and pause that kind of stuff is really cool so now it’s out I don’t know what took so long but the AirPods are finally out the choice is yours thanks for watching I thought the guys in excellent taste.


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