NEW Air Pods Pro 2 first look (and listen!)


NEW AirPods Pro 2 first look (and listen!)

My gosh okay look here they are the new AirPods. Awesome and I love the fact that they have a built-in lanyard I think that’s something that was missing on basically all of the AirPods but now it’s here and they also have a speaker which if you have AirPods leave me


alone how many times have you lost your AirPods and involved them this will actually help you find that’s easier because you’ll be able to actually hear the sound much louder so I’m

very very excited about that pretty similar design to the previous version has a brand new age to chip it has high bands activity new low distortion driver with a custom amplifier also has personalized spatial audio so you’ll be able to use it I was 16 to scan your ears you may


have seen we talked before about Sony’s headphones because they have a similar thing you can actually scan your customized audio well now that happened to you. In your

ear. Customized spatial audio. This is pretty awesome you know we all have to reshape years and sometimes a lot of AirPods don’t work for my ears so I’m very excited to try this out and customize audio. Mauler your tips it is also very exciting because I do have trouble


sometimes with these in my ears with the case to be able to get about 30 hours of battery life and listening time within about 6:00 hours which is increased from the previous version

does have the adaptive transparency will I love using the AirPods pro when I’m on a flight or if I’m out and about and these 2 have always canceled that has been approved and it’s supposed to be 2 times stronger so that’s been really fun to kind of just sat out the


previous versions and excited about it you’ll be able to now charge your AirPods case with the apple watch charger and this is really exciting because I always travel with the little

charger and sometimes I’m charging my phone and I want to charge my AirPods at the same time now I can actually use the apple watch section of that. I got left yes active noise cancellation is all so let’s change his address so we can talk for one second I hear


everything a lot of times beats headphones you’re kind of like this any kind of sound and it. And hurts your ears first these do not do that it sounds very clean very natural and

actually. 6. I feel like I’m talking. I can’t hear myself but now with the active noise cancellation on it told me that my noise levels are okay because I’m walking out a lot of sounds so great I’m so glad I decided to do the double one more thing to try. Control okay


so the touch controls are actually really awesome so now I’m turning it up and turning it down news it’s going up. Music’s going. The only thing I make this better is if Tim cooks and Harry styles. Walked out of the job right now we can only help you can also. So they are. Right here all the guys in my next video.

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