Apple Watch Ultra – EVERYTHING You Need To Know!


Apple Watch Ultra – EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

Everybody so apple just had their big September event where they revealed the new iPhone 14 AirPods pro to the new apple watch series 8 and most importantly at least I second to watch where we cover connected fitness the brand new apple watch all trout


which we had previously thought was going to be named the apple watch pro so this video to discuss what was revealed about the apple watch ultra and if it makes sense or not

or if it would be worth it to get that apple watch old truck over the apple watch 8 or maybe even some other alternative insurance watch instead this is calling with connect what’s where we cover the latest and connected fitness so if you like the content like this and want to


make sure you stay up to date with the latest information make sure to subscribe okay so first let’s discuss what is different about the apple watch ultra when compared to the new

apple watch 8 so first we have a new aerospace grade titanium case which would help make the apple watch ultra a lot tougher and a lot more resistant to scratches and Nicks and other types of damage there’s also a new sapphire friend crystal screen to also have


that screen from getting scratched as these watches are made to be used and Durrance and outdoor activities which a lot of times you might be going through bushes are getting

hit by branches so this watch must be able to sustain some sort of damage without getting completely wrecked like many of the previous apple watches do there is a much larger and brighter screen here with the case being 49 millimeters so around 10


percent larger than the typical apple watch in the brightness levels can go up to 2000 nits which makes it easier when you’re outdoors and their son is directly on the watch do you still

be able to read it fairly clearly not one of the biggest and most important upgrades that I’m most excited about is the improved battery life the battery life has been pretty much doubled so instead of it lasting around 18 hours ago now ask around 30 6:00 hours and


even last 60 hours when using the battery optimize a setting which will come later this year also new to the apple watch ultra is the action button which is there as a quick easy to

hit a button that you can press. S. while you’re working out to take you to a customizable screen depending on the workout type you are doing in addition to the new action button is a larger easier to use scroll wheel now another one of the big changes here is that the


apple watch cultural can use dual-frequency GPS which is something that only really the top and insurance type watches are capable of and that way the GPS can be a lot

more accurate when you’re running underneath trees or near buildings or rock climbing up next to a cliff the dual-frequency GPS should help a lot and is going to probably be a big selling point for this watch in addition to that dual frequency GPS is a new compass app


which includes new compass weight points that can be added without an action button so that you can always know where you are headed relative to other landmarks like your base

camp or the direction you’re coming from or even of course the direction that you want to go included with that is a new backtrack feature which allows the watch to use all of the data where you have been so that if you ever get lost or want to be able to easily find your way


back on a trail, you can use that backtrack option to be able to follow and find exactly where you came from now in addition to all that because this is intended for outdoor use

there has been a second speaker introduced here for an increased amount of volume which can be definitely helpful, especially on those windy days, and also helps to use its new 86 decibel siren which if you need help can direct others to your location from up to 600 feet


away in addition to a second speaker, there are now 3 microphones on the watch to allow for improved volume clarity for making calls for example and windy conditions and terms of

use and the water at the new apple watch ultra is now W. R. 100 rated which means it can go down up to 130 feet of death which is 2 times the water resistance of any other apple watch we’ve seen so far I’m going underwater it automatically luncheon happened clean


one developed just for divers to show your death and various other dive conditions now unlike most apple watches we can choose the. Either by the GPS only watch are the GPS

plus cellular is built into every single apple watch all trust so you don’t really have any choice but to get that in there are 3 B. as developed just for it 1 is an alpine band which is intended more for climbing use the other is an ocean band which is intended


obviously for more swimming and diving use and the third is a trail loop designed more for running and hiking and the price for all this is 700 $99 which although is a lot more than

the apple watch which costs 399 for the GPS and 499 for the cellular version it’s actually a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be and is very competitively priced with alternative insurance-focused watches now obviously if you want to benefit from having a


longer battery life are really utilizing that GPS functions with the apple watch ultra then you should probably definitely go still with the regular apple watch but you all those features

this is a very good choice in fact this may be the best overall sports watch for the average person that I’ve ever seen I don’t say that lightly because in the past I have not light any apple watch for its sports features it’s always been very weak compared to the competition


but the features here from that door frequency GPS that to the improved volume to having that cellular function to the backward tracking of the improved water resistance and not to

mention all the upgrades that are coming with the iOS 9 update like the heart rate zone tracking the work out building the ground contact time measurements in the built-in power meter I mean this watch could very easily have been $1000 or more alongside all the


other benefits of just having a watch which means you have that additional customization and integration that comes along with that I mean this thing is going to be a beast the only

the drawback here is really the lack of HRV track which for me is a critical reason while still wearing something like the wheel in addition to the apple watch ultra also the battery life here while very much improved it’s still not very competitive with other intern watches. Which usually have now like between 30 and 60 days of battery and there also doesn’t seem to be at least at first glance very much customization to the workout


display of various modes and some of the super-smart running specific functions that are featured on watches like a garment or Cora’s but I know for sure I will be getting this and I think apple just really nailed it out of the park with this release and if you want to see my review on it and how it compares to other fitness watches will make sure to stay tuned to connect the what’s this is Colin thanks for watching appreciated as always and I’ll see you next time.


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