Best Samsung Phones In 2022!


Best Samsung Phones In 2022!

So I kind of wanted to hit on some of the best Samsung phones that you can actually buy in the year 2022 now the galaxy S. 20 twos are actually about to come out so once this video comes out just kind of substitute the first batch of phones I recommend this year for those ones because those are going to be the best ones you can buy and if you have all the money in the world buying the latest Samsung is always the best thing to do so once the S.


20 twos come out or the no 22 and they’re going to call it I would highly recommend buying those phones if you have all the money now as of right now we making this video the galaxy S. 20 ones are the latest so if you’re trying to buy the latest you know

Samson right now well I would recommend buying the galaxy S. 21 ultra with the S. 22 a trip to watch this later the S. 21 old Troy is by far one of the best Samsung phones I have ever seen the beautiful display on this thing is crazy the build quality is very very


good and coming from the S. 20 ultra this was actually a pretty good upgrade you know I love the design of the S. 21 ultra and it still looks very beautiful and has a ton of performance but another phone that has a lot of performance is the galaxy note 20 ultra no

it’s a little bit older than yes 21 ultras but this is still another phone that I saw and I love the no 20 ultras I think there are some advantages for this phone over something like yes 21 ultras I love the build quality I love the Kurd’s panel and the No 20 ultra is another phone


I recommend buying this year on top of that any of the galaxy force for the flip series of devices are another set of phones I recommend mostly because these phones have you know what the future ahead of them most phones coming out now we’re going to be folks

around that you know foldable display and the foldable design so by getting a galaxy Ford or galaxy flip you’re pretty much setting yourself up for the future and if you’re okay with that type of design then that’s another set of phones I recommend now I would trickle


down for that next you know couple of galaxies S. 20 ones so that’s 21 plus with the S. 21 those are great phones too but I wouldn’t recommend buying those unless you’re unless you don’t want to buy the S. 21 ultra I think yes 21 plus is a beautiful device it’s almost

perfect I wouldn’t recommend buying the cow. Excess 21 right now though because we’re so close to the S. 20 twos but if you want yes 20 ones have gone down and tell you quite a bit and from what I’ve seen they seem the most Gration from any of the S. 20 once so


that’s another batch of phones I reckon that so if you have all the money in the world I would just recommend buying those phones because those are the best phones you can buy right now however there are some value per dollar phones which I think which I

think have gone down in value quite a bit and they’re actually still completely worth it for sure the first phone is the Samsung Galaxy S. 20 I think this phone is a great value per dollar I’ve seen a lot of these phones go down in value quite a bit and I would still highly


recommend buying this home for sure the thing with the galaxy S. 20 is that this phone is still going to be supported for the next 2 years as far as I know so it’s going to be getting when you I. 5 and it man on when you I. 5 it’s still getting when you why for so your

lasting for the rest of this year and you’re lasting pretty much for the rest of next year as well so when you’re getting a phone like a galaxy S. 20 you were going to be sticking around for quite a bit of time for the next few years on top of that is still going to be


getting security updates and everything I’ve seen a lot of these phones go for around 400 and something dollars on Amazon and all these phones will be linked on the description too just in case I did say that earlier and that’s the thing I love about these phones they just

have so much capability they have so much quality and yes twenties with 120 arts panel 4040 P. display micro SD card slot USB type C. Jackman this thing has everything you’d ever want to phone and that’s another phone I’d recommend the no 20 is another device


that kind of fits in the same category as well this is another device that has so much capability and so much quality but if you’re in the same ballpark as the galaxy S. 20 if you want a little bit of a better you know I guess it doesn’t feel as nice as that’s 20 but it still has the

S. pen and it’s not a lot of capability to I think it’s missing the micro SD card slot well this is another phone I’d recommend to I’ll probably recommend by the no 20 all-time top of it but this is a very good phone too so those are the 2 the past value per dollars but there’s


even another category which is the lowest and which I’d recommend the lowest Sampson’s I’d recommend buying this year now it. The specific Sampson’s or the galaxy S. 10 the galaxy note 10 and the galaxy S. 10 eat so any of those 2019 flagship Samsungs are

the last ones out recommend or the lowest ones I would recommend buying this year I think they’re great price tags and I still think those phones are still very good phones but the galaxy S. 10 will be the cheapest sampling and right then I would


recommend buying right now has a great beautiful crazy display opens display it still feels very good in the hand performance is amazing for the most part for its price and its age and it’s still going to be sticking around it’s getting when you I. 4 standings this phone is

going to be lasting for a little bit of time now which is really good and this is another phone I recommend the galaxy note 10 also came out the same year I would recommend buying the galaxy S. 10 over the no 10 but the No 10 still has quite a bit of feature inside of it


and I think I’m a fan of the No 10 as well another last same thing I’d recommend this year is the galaxy S. 10 E. this is a beautiful phone too I mean it has so much capability beautiful display beautiful camera quality just a crazy good display just a very good

performance phone for sure so if I was in your shoes I would highly recommend picking up any of the Samsung phones that I’d recommend this year I can mention most of the songs will be linked on the description so you can get the from there and help support the


channel at the same time I would love to hear your guys is an opinion on this do you agree with my list or not let me know in the comments section below the like button on me so much but definitely at a subscribe button, more importantly, the everything else all of every single one of you guys hopefully catch you guys in the next video he’s also open.

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