Today we’ve got something special for you the iPhone 14 is here it’s not the update we expected but the one we’ve got some mixed reactions from various media so I decided to buy it and check for myself if this iPhone is as bad as people claim it to be I spent a few hours with that and I do have something to say about this guy so let’s look at the newest


and greatest the iPhone 14 in all its glory. Let’s kick it off by looking at this phone you may have noticed that it looks kind of the same flat edges rounded corners flat durable glass yet
somehow it feels new maybe it’s just me being too excited after buying a new phone or maybe it’s because there is no sim card tray anymore the aluminum body is much wider than on the pro models which makes this phone less not a symbol in pockets for example


the iPhone 13 was great in terms of sensation and build quality and the iPhone 14 doesn’t let me down still 1 of the best designs ever but what’s under the hood before we dive into
software features let’s look at its guts how does it compare to the previous model quick recap I from 13 was rocking an eighth 15 chip with 4 quarterbacks what do we see here 815. Surprised it turns out that apple has realized there’s no point in giving cheaper


iPhones their latest chips so the new iPhone 14 has adopted the same chip found in iPhone 13815 bionic with 6 core CPU and fight for GPU we see no difference in the clock speeds
but somehow the performance is better the scores are not significantly higher but it’s always a welcome improvement this ship should have 0 problems with all modern apps and games even as demanding as against an impact hopefully it will try to last us given us a


much better gaming experience also the image signal processor got upgraded which made the photonic engine possible but let’s leave that for later now the cameras. Who is as
healthy let’s check the front-facing module first it has 12 megapixels resolution and now for the first time ever and out of focus this is great for photos and videos additionally the photonic engine works its magic and gives much better photos in the low light


unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to design a comprehensive photography task but here are some of the results with god personally I feel like holding your iPhone words with
skin tones color textures and overall picture it looks last flag more pronounced just look at the shots now you really can see their faces and their shape and almost feel the death it has always been a mystery how apple manages to get such good-looking photos from a


relatively small front-facing cameras but what about the main set of cameras sadly they didn’t see a bump in resolution like pro models did but the results are great nonetheless
here’s something odd when it comes to the main camera it’s harder to see a major difference, yeah the images look cleaner more detailed sharp, and pleasant to look at but something’s missing to me something essential maybe it’s lacking that feel of a novelty


let’s go darker let’s look at low light shots finally now that’s what I’m talking about that’s innovative finally our low light photos will not look like a painting previously I had a serious
problem with making sharp clean images at night now it seems like the issue is gone forever at the platonic engine is insane it takes complete darkness and turns it into a clear almost day-like image the colors the shadows even the smallest details are visible but


Do you know what can really blow your mind Oceanwide camera sensor to get a better aperture and when combined with the power of the photonic engine does deliver some
seriously good photos Charlie the images taken on the pro models will look even better but what we already see on the screen is great I do. I really like how these photos turned out I will do a full camera comparison later so make sure you are subscribed you may say now


you forgot about videos okay so video recording got better the camera is better at picking small details slight color variations and making them a parent yes the videos have
looked phenomenal already so it’s hard to notice a drastic jump in terms of quality this cinematic attack got improved and now supports 4 K. however YouTube’s compression won’t let you feel the quality improvement and now action note I find it really useful new


addition to many moments in life are lost because the videos were too shaky to watch we still have to test this mode further but what you see on the screens does look great the
image is crystal clear without dropping frames on even lighting the environment is not as dynamic as they wanted the event but the iPhone has been available only for a few hours so give me some time to stick around to see a full camera shooting battle sometime


later this screen is another point of interest is the same panel at 800 25 minutes of peak brightness color accuracy was never a problem with these all that iPhones and I see no
issues with this 1 it’s a fairly bright well calibrated panel with deep blacks and rich colors and great contrast this screen is scholastic something so good that requires no change I am sure you are fine with the screen you have now so you shouldn’t experience any problems


with this display okay but how about a battery and charging Apple has claimed that the battery life got better if we just look at the battery capacity we can see that it got better
3270 9000000 power instead of 3220 $7000000 in the iPhone 13 which is close to a 1.6 percent increase this may not sound like a lot but we know how it goes every little helps I still have to test it further but I can instantly tell that the battery did in. Get worse that’s


for sure the one thing that stresses me out is that why why why is this still a thing it’s slow has a low charging speed and it easily breaks yeah it’s reversible but the type C. is 2 okay
relax no one hears your screams about the need for a video creator it’s all about the environment and saving the planet, okay you may say what about the Sam and satellite connectivity the iPhone now is seen only in the US which is clearly visible since there is no sim card tray


but satellite connectivity is a topic for another video at the place I am right now there is no option of testnet directly we’ll have to wait a while go outdoors and try to get lost if I will
be saved by sending an SMS via satellites you will be the first to know. Sh now the time has come to reveal why this iPhone 14 is so special and why this phone field is so new and fresh yet familiar. Because. It’s an iPhone 13 it’s basically the same phone the camera the


processor the body everything remains the same even the photos you saw were taken with the iPhone 13 with a slight post editing doesn’t that look realistic that should make us think
my recommendation is don’t waste your money on this new iPhone 14 I hope this video did show you how laughably similar the new iPhone 14 S. there’s no point in buying it when the iPhone 13 can be picked up much cheaper do you want to pay a $100 extra for


something you will barely ever notice well I hope after watching this video you now have a clearer picture of what apple is selling wait until next year promises to be much better in the meantime here’s another video about the brand new iPhones and yes see you in the next.


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