iPhone 14 Pro Review – The Best iPhone 14!


iPhone 14 Pro Review – The Best iPhone 14!

So I had a few days to take things and really use these devices overall and I have some thoughts I think they’re great phones the iPhone 14 Promax and the iPhone 14 pro but I think overall this is the smallest update I’ve seen on an iPhone in years and I’m not


trying to discredit apple I think the product is fantastic it’s just our out a point right now that’s really hard to get big upgrades on a phone and it’s kind of like the laptop industry

like when you buy a laptop and let’s see look at a laptop 2 years later the only thing that really changes like a faster and faster CPU maybe 10 percent faster but the keyboards are the same the displays are usually the same unless it’s a high refresh display cameras are


the same speakers are the same not a lot really changes and that’s kind of where we are with smartphones right now but I feel like the biggest upgrade of going on these devices is

truly iOS 16 because the design language really hasn’t changed since the iPhone 12 it’s really hard to tell the difference yes the camera bumps are a little bit taller so you need a different case in fact the actual volume controls on the 14 pros are slightly higher so you


can’t use cases from the 13 pro the weight is very similar the stainless steel on the side still gets a release my G. when you place your fingers on it this is a Canadian version so it

does come with a sim card yes there’s a new 16 chip in the 14 pros it’s slightly faster but not by a lot we’re not Google’s massive performance gains were getting you over here not all fairness it’s using a foreign enemy to architecture so I am trying to get more efficient


now if you’re planning on buying the latest iPhone 14 I’ve parted with yes are sure he’s a really cool accessories this is the hill walk 31 charger with crowds you can charge your

Apple watches AirPods and iPhone at the exact same time what makes it so unique is how fast you can wirelessly charge your iPhone while it’s being used I was able to charge the iPhone 14 for about 3:00 hours while watching videos compared to over 7:00 hours with apple’s


MagSafe 2 charger which is insane yes we installed a cryo boost cooling fan that reduces the temperature of the I. phone while it’s charging. So can charge faster when it’s in use

there’s even a heady but to turn it on or off you find the blue light to be distracting while you’re sleeping more portable option is the hill walk me kickstand wireless power bank has an adjustable kickstand on the back so you can hold your iPhone operate USB type C. port


to charge in the big 5000 or $10000 battery but if you’re looking for protection check out the Christic clear case with hill walk for the classic kickstand case with he will walk the use

the camber guard as the kickstand which is pretty cool there instead of picking up any of these products you get up to 20 percent off by using the coupon code and links in the description down below the apple finally added an always-on display this is been something


that enjoy devices I’ve had for years now granted apple does have their own take I think it looks really good but it can be distracting depending on the wallpaper used I find it to be a

a bit brighter than what you’d find on an android device, for example, I have a galaxy fold right here and all you see is the time in a couple of my clients this looks clean it’s simple and it works with the iPhone the time is just really big the widgets are really big and if you have a


picture in the background some might find it to be a bit distracting so what I’ve done was use a black wallpaper right I think this just looks a lot cleaner it gets you right to the most

an important piece of information that most people use is always on display for the bus to check the time it is he glad cible notifications that when apple showcased at Amazon I thought it was a genius idea I still do it’s mostly software based specific to a 14 pro and pro


Max because they don’t have a cutout shape on the top instead of your traditional notch that you’d find on the iPhone 13 pro or iPhone 13 it works pretty well you know whatever

the application you’re using if you swipe away from it goes up into the notch depending if it has the API to do that it’s been programmed and this is a quick way to get back into it without having to process an extra tab now it works perfectly on the 13 pro so like if I’m listening


to some music and then I swipe up. You can see up here I can either long press to change the song position or I can simply tap the little wave icon and get back into the opposite of

opening up the folder and going back to Spotify. The problem is with the 13 Promax it’s really hard to do with one finger right now pulling the phone normally I can get my thumb up there I got very long fingers the only way to DO one head is you got to move the phone


down and then you can finally push your finger at the top unfortunately there’s no reachability setting for it like you can’t move that number climbed down it always stays in

the same position as it should because it’s focused around the actual knobs portion of the phone but it makes it a lot tougher to deal with the 30 Promax and you just gonna have to do it with 2 hands for those of you who are power users and you’re walking and using one


On the hand, you’re probably gonna want to stick to the 13 pros if you really want to utilize dynamic island but the actual displays are quite similar in terms of color reproduction I’m not seeing

a big difference there big difference comes to outdoor visibility the new iPhone 14 pro has the potential of going up to 2000 nits of peak brightness you’re not gonna notice it indoors you might notice it a bit more if you’re watching HDR content when you’re outside


this 14 pro makes a big difference in the direct sunlight as for the front-facing camera it’s now up to 12 megapixels it looks a lot crispier it has autofocus for the first time in my

phone and it does look better than the 13 pro but again the differences are not massive what you get is a sharper image not like a better color reproduction or some sort of new camera miracle you just get a sharper cleaner image and that’s what you should expect on


a year over year up to the front facing camera of the iPhone 14 probably level 13 problem part time difference what I’m looking at the screen so the sounds like right in my eyes you

guys let me know which microphone is better and obviously. Which looks better as for the rear camera it’s no longer 12 megapixels the wide leads is now 48 the first time on an iPhone and the story seems to be the same crispier cleaner images and the only way to


really notice it is if you zoom in and that’s we can tell the difference between the iPhone 13 pro using a photonic engine which incorporates the fusion they’re doing earlier so that I

don’t have to wait until the pictures were taken to do all that processing and even in low light like that’s where I found the biggest update I don’t have to wait as long for the low light picture to be taken the downfall to this bigger sensor is you don’t have that same distance


to a subject like this you break into macro mode a lot earlier than you would on the 13 pros so for the 13 pros you get a little closer, there is more Boca with a 40 megapixel

the sensor is kind of nice and action mode is pretty cool you know even cinematic mode looks better now you can do it in 4 K. it’s a little bit cleaner but I still think a lot of people are probably never going to use it I think it’s one of those features that’s gonna


take some time to get really good until more people use it daily kind of like portrait but it took a couple of years to get really good before everyone started using it the

battery life is interesting because the new iPhones have an always-on display which technically does use up a bit more battery but the A. 16 is more efficient in 15 so they kind of cancel each other out I got very equal battery life between the 13 pro and 40 pros easily


lasting me throughout the day I’d end off with 30 to 40 percent battery life left 14 products I got slightly better battery life than the 13 pros back so that was kind of nice wasn’t by

much but it was kind of noticeable like this is definitely still a 2-day phone so I’ll be straight up with you all the best new features on the iPhone 14 pro are mostly software a lot of those things have trickled down to the earlier versions of the iPhone, for example, this little


search button right here I think. It’s one of the most underrated features dynamic island as cool as it is it looks cool it’s not really a reason to upgrade from your older device in fact

the only reason to upgrade from older devices is that the battery life is no longer good or you find out the phone itself is slowing down I think a good upgrade would be from the iPhone 11 pro if you’re using anything in New York you’re not gonna see that big of a jump


in terms of improvements in camera quality and performance and if you have a rifle 30 pro your children like there’s really nothing to get jealous about your phone is so close in terms

of functionality and what it can do to the iPhone 14 pro that you might as well just wait a couple of more years yeah great phones small error of updates be out up over the long run that’s where we are now dropping questions the description down below and I’ll see you guys in the next one.


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