IPhone 14 Pro VS Go Pro Hero 11 Black Tested


iPhone 14 Pro vs GoPro Hero 11 Black Tested

Today I’ve got a comparison extravaganza between the GoPro hero of the black and the iPhone 14 pro the reason of course being that apple’s keynote this year they said that the iPhone 14 pro has a new action can remote this is action mode it uses the full sensor with iPhone 14 pro now includes new action, of course, I’m a go through a whole bunch of


different scenarios action and nonaction a like a daily as well as many times you know when you think yourself maybe something’s a bad idea and though mean either. So with that let’s get rolling right now get the action mode enable just walking along right here you

can see which microphone I’m using down the bottom there which audio sources coming from we’re just going to lay jogger here get moving up but don’t worry we got some full on sprint in just a minute here one thing to know is that when you do turn on the action mode on the iPhone 14 pro it is limited to 2.8 K. so it is another bit more resolution compared to


the 5.3 K. of the GoPro you can see that happening with the lock symbol and then 4 K. down to 2.8 K. yes server wonders if he suffers under the next best thing and she’s up for only 30 cycles at full tilt down the street. It might be pretty quick this can actually be like

full-on sprinting I need to get pretty darn good again comparing action mode here’s the full-screen view of the Carrollton lax and go play and then here is the iPhone 14 Prozac’s emotive full-screen. It kind of works closely I need you to provide context look inside of it I think 13 propanediol in action mode on the right side of the accident on the fourteenth row


here’s a 13 play first off 50 screens you can see all that wobbled and then boom into the I. 14 pro in action against local stable that is so much more stable not the selfie mode on the iPhone does not have the action option so just keep that in mind now let’s say this simply

turn the cameras around so you can see them here I guess on the mainland this is just the wide mode on the go pro it does go wider double super few anti-communal saw that lives it later on because it is a pretty darn good I actually really impressed with the yeah I thought 14 crossing but more but it’s not too shabby. Person again with the iPhone 13 pro left hand


side in nonaxe mode compared to actual 40 and by the way, don’t forget if you want you to want anything you can just double tap water inside the screen from the mobile phone or tablet app if pressed the Jakey on a keyboard a computer to jump by 10 seconds no need

to go and press that action mode on the iPhone 14 pro the seed crops in quite a bit watch history particular to tap that and see how much more crops interest noted the action which is available on the lenses you can see right here I’m comparing the on the go for him back to the main leads on the iPhone 40 pro. But you notice the image is not quite a steady put


a wall up coming from the iPhone 14 wants to get his maintenance here in Atlanta news numbers beginning to put a GoPro down record myself running yeah. Best dropped off somewhere else. So. Yeah, it’s doing something silly tests. Florida no no it’s all good I

appreciate it thanks now before we move on to the next 1 if you are doing this video just give it like at the bottom there it really does help but this video in the channel is quite a bit okay off into the water we go now keep my eye is water resistant up to a certain point anyways I just keep in mind that you can use the charging port for a few hours after those


so just keep that in mind these are looking pretty good the quality of the water isn’t super amazing this particular day also it’s a bit early in the morning to see them go pro is a little bit darker than the iPhone is doing a better job at lower light and go press the

both of them are still really quite nice no not just limit me to pull off to the beach I went on this case I went out in the ocean a playground for a little while I had no problems of the phone there I think the I thought it would be a better job on above water but want to go underwater actually like the colors look better on the go problem black I seem just look at


It the greenish to me on the iPhone but again most of these are pretty good keep in mind it is just like with the pool that you’re not to have access to a charging port immediately afterward it also makes you rinse off your I. phone or fresh water that way nothing grows, of course, it is

now time to do a proper slow motion to 140 frames per second test win does that is some cannibal action. The first go around on this terrible I was not super happy with my cannibal performance this time around the camera to just fine they both look great so I obviously had to do it again in this one I got a proper Kerr plucked out of the bill that way back in the


right back up again all those droplets coming out I mean this looks so nice the lighting the colors everything a spot under especially right now all those droplets city back on the surface of the water I like to watch this over and over again so can you if you just press the

rewind button. Our night side by the pool and you can see the picture quality the iPhone is just amazing it’s all handheld right now versus the GoPro certainly we darker but is more stable now for setting up which use the iPhone image right now it was me but as walking along as they go out of the Lakers gonna lose obvious delays but I should be out in


the south at least on the go pro looks like a fairly in the shadows this particular next light is turned off on that just do a quick trial and we get to the next place very good for the nation there we go you can see now her M. back in that light again they’re not gonna lie there’s

no like a good way of doing this for the iPhone gets kind of like the perfect placement to mount wise but that’s sort of the reality of these cameras are built for mounting the thing isn’t really built for mounting I hope we’ll find some out on the road that we better than this but this is going to have to do a donkey okay I do a lot of test runs of this sucks trying to


configurations for the amount of one not in this is what the passage will not want to have it I’m actually pretty happy with that so I think that the I. 14 pro you know so he’s a bit more like a wave wider on the GoPro again both of super view or hide review if I want to

but I want to try to keep them equal here IBM this looks pretty good for the iPhone 14 pro but now it’s not been switched over to just the article 14 pro manta by itself to the other mounts were messing up well with the better angle a bit better perspective here no comparison of course but we come on this is this is solid I think over time you find even better amounts


for this to make it much easier much better off from the mounting experience. This is a super exciting test all the cameras aren’t rolling in a great spot for the statement I think it shows how it all works reasonably well at this point just click on the start to see no reason

to the entire car basically came onto itself if I was off running that might be different but in this case, it’s a pretty smooth road. Now here is the Harborview center. 14 black you can see it’s a much wider see much more of this vehicle it really is better suited for this type of thing and of course being very cool segment that showed a bit difficult to fly you know


when you think to yourself maybe something’s a bad idea and though mean either okay I can’t quite get a perfectly straight but it’ll work. When we come out of his. Okay it’s not perfect it’s a little bit till P. but we’re gonna make this work. Yeah. Not working very well it’s

not that it’s too heavy it’s that it’s all offset I have to rethink them out a little bit maybe something for a different day okay. Audio. Right there. The cameras are around. The cycle there. Can you talk? And. With candles. According to the report obviously as always for flight. Just like stuff like this. This is either one without any problems. There’s a quick look


In a couple photos here’s the I. 14 pro in the wide lens configuration switch over the GoPro in that same wide lens I love all the food was exact original formats totally unedited here’s the one act of the normal lens on the iPhone and look at linear motions kind of equipment I’ve

got on the GoPro hero of black and then go into the 3 X. telephoto lens on the iPhone and there’s no quick when I undergo prostate is deadly crop between her percent pursue the same sort of a fact of course when you do this you digitally zooming in on the go press in this case you’re really discussing the more pixelation course for many more things to consider


when looking at the side by side everything from how you mount the cameras to battery life to how you get the images off the camera and transmit them elsewhere it also means sometimes just come down to the right camera for the job if I’m doing mountain biking it’s probably gonna be a GoPro if I’m just doing more general life stuff it’s probably my


phone because it’s always in my pocket of course let me know down the comments that we thought about the footage and how they perform in different scenarios I’m certainly incident here that if you found this video useful to him like that like button or to strive for plenty more sports technology goodness have a good one.



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