iPhone 14 Review: 1 Week Later!


iPhone 14 Review: 1 Week Later!

You guys are nothing here now the I. 414 is 1 of the safest decisions day apple is me in 2022 and when I say safe I mean to date it’s the exact same phone as the iPhone 13 and now we all know that the iPhone 14 wasn’t that much of an upgrade but I still want to share with you what it has to offer so I’m gonna be answered a few questions for the people to any


answers now if you have the iPhone 13 you should not upgrade because it’s the exact same phone if you have the iPhone 12 you should not upgrade because even though it’s an older phone it’s still very identical to the iPhone 14 and now if you have any older phone

then the iPhone 12 and I think that the iPhone 14 will be very nice a great because when it comes to overall performance there is a big difference and last but not least if you are someone who uses an android phone and wants to change to an iPhone this is an amazing iPhone to start with especially since we know that apple has put the same internals as


they’re already proven to be the go phone the iPhone 13 now the first thing that I want to talk about when it comes to the iPhone 14 is the display on the iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch super right next door display still has a phenomenal look that gives off a premium feel that’s

something that I liked about the 14 was how it felt this move this was something that I noticed even after a week and scroll to always feel effortless for me and I had the legs along the way I also really like they had the same size as the 14 pros which made the viewing experience much better whenever I watch a video on it I love how I handle trouble


seeing anything even if the screen was farther away and I really appreciated how it wasn’t too big to the point where I will struggle to grip it with 1 hand the responsiveness was very smooth and precise it basically was as sharp as he 13 and 12 which really gave a nice

improving filling in many appreciate the fact that Apple has put some effort into the responsiveness now the brightness was really good if I’m being honest it wasn’t the greatest but I will say that it was able to hold its own weight when compared to other phones in the market and then the last thing that I like about the iPhone 14 display was


that the overall viewing experience was really good the resolution was sharp the colors were vibrant get realistic and the size is big enough to make a really great experience so now that we’ve taken a look at the display the. The next thing I wanna look at is software now

something that I really like about the iPhone 14 was how well it was able to run the latest versions of iOS while I was using my 14 I wasn’t I was 16 and they handle really precise even after one week there were rarely any legs everything felt very smooth and it gave me a very premium feel the 14 was also able to handle power heavy apps really well


surprisingly whenever our plea power heavy games I really got the legs also when I was using my Google maps the phone will be high in the software was working just fine as opposed to other phones there freeze a completely shut down on me publicized that is to

have that premium I was features like the ability to connect the different devices at ease iMessage facetime and all of those premium iOS apps that many people use and overall it still had the iOS moon this day even with minor bugs was a joy of using and if you are considering getting this phone thing you’ll definitely be good to go now the next thing that


I want to look at when it comes to the Eiffel 14 is the battery now when he came to the battery on the iPhone 14 how we get around 5 to 6:00 hours of on-screen time a day and the battery was able to last me all day even when I was using power have yet so if you’re

For someone who likes to game on your phone the battery will last I will usually in my day with about 25 to 35 percent battery whenever I didn’t gain money and if I did game one I usually in my day with about 10 to 20 percent which was still really good if you ask me now just like the 14 pros and the pro makes the charging wasn’t as good and, to be honest, it’ll


take a really long time for your phone to charge up to 100 percent and I was really mad at the apple stuck with the 20 what quote-unquote fast charger because it’s very outdated but the battery life is pretty good so it’s not as bad but it’s still very annoying if you need to

charge your phone during the day so overall I would say that the battery on the iPhone 14 was pretty good but if you’re someone who needs to charge your phone go out today then this isn’t the greatest phone to get no after the battery the next thing that I want to look at is the speaker snow again compared to 14 to 14 pro I will say that the speakers were


pretty much the same the bass was a little weak but that’s a common problem with an iPhone’s emphasized the base not being great I will still sit at the sound quality was really good music sounded really good videos were loud and clear and just like most things apple

releases. They always have pretty good speakers in the 14 wasn’t that much different and then the final thing that I want to look at when it comes to the iPhone 14 is 2 cameras now just like on almost every other regular iPhone the iPhone 14 has a 212-megapixel camera system that I must say was pretty much the same with compared to the iPhone 13 I was


still able to get good photos no matter how harsh or 19 fireman was right here you can see my outside daytime photos and I will say that he’s a really good picture that turned out really well everything was sharp but not too sharp the colors were accurate and there

was less yelling like on previous models in the overall vibe received outside pictures were pretty great to no surprise now we look at the inside daytime photos I will say that these are also really great Mike right here you can see that there was little to no graininess no matter how dark it got and myself these were top notch with compared to other flagships


the quality got much better sharpness was still great and the colors are very accurate was definitely redeem the camera overall and we came to video quality the 14 had 1 of the best offer and to give you guys an example here are some videos I took on it. So here’s a final

the question should you get the iPhone 14 to be honest I will say yes because it’s the best iPhone in terms of the value you basically get the same experiences as the 13 and both hold up really well and there it is my review when the iPhone 14 after one week of use now let me


know in the comments would you get the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 13 let me know and if you guys made it to the end of this video I like to say thank you for sticking around and don’t forget to like the video subscribers will be very appreciated and as far as social media you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram and I will see you guys next one piece.


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