2022 MacBook Air Impressions: A Clean Refresh!


2022 MacBook Air Impressions: A Clean Refresh!

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to quarantine content just little entertainment for it while resting inside I’m your host mark as Brownlee and, this. Is a new product I am. It’s a new apple product this is a wild time to be alive and also a wild time to release a new


product there are no events and there are no stores no lines just none of the typical apple hype there aren’t even any stores really but if you go to apple.com right now at the top it says
Hey all our stores are closed right now until further notice but then right underneath it says Hey check out the new stuff we just unveiled so there is a bunch of stuff that’s new but there are 2 main things you probably sunny tweeting about them that is the new iPad pro


and the new MacBook air so provided a thumbs up on this video if you want me to cover both of those things and engage the style but for now, what we have here is the new
refresh 2020MacBookk air so the air is apple’s most popular laptop the most popular mac really and has been for a while this change is just a nice little refresh a little update to bring it up to speed with 2020 your member changes from the the16-inch MacBook pro from a


a couple of months ago that made it so great that stuff that I was asking them to also bring down to the the13-inch MacBook pro. Well they brought some of that down to the MacBook air
here first so to start the new magic keyboard this is the big change we’re all waiting for getting rid of the butterfly switches and moving back to more reliable scissor switches have more travel feel better to type ontypingjust straight up better in every way it’s


still backlit it’s still the same size and everything but now it’s just miles better to type on my fact I’ve been using that 16-inch MacBook pro a lot over the past few weeks because
the new keyboard and it’s been excellent so I guess just generally good to see apple basically silently admitting fault by slowly removing butterfly switches from the rest of their line up and this keyboard also has a separate escape key no touch bar on MacBook air of


course and in the touch ID fingerprint reader is separated off in the corner and still works really quickly to unlock and wake up and sleep and the inverted T. arrow keys are also back
everybody’s favorite specs also got an update now to Intel’s Tempchin ships and iris plus graphics it’s a good performance boost this MacBook air is never been a powerhouse and it still isn’t but also never really has needed to be so this is a good update


to catch up speed you can get a quad-core chip in the MacBook air now for the first time and the iris plus graphics are saying they can deliver up to 80 percent faster graphics
performance in graphics-intensive applications this is a review I’ve only had this thing for a couple hours so I can only really just rely on benchmarks for now but the other number say good things and yes that means also now support pro display XTR now I don’t know how


many people set up to include a MacBook air and a pro display XTR but Hey if that’s you know you’re covered they also went ahead and double the base storage to 256 gigs now you can
go up to 2 terabytes for the first time on a MacBook air which is nice and you can also do 8 or 16 gigs of ram which puts it right on par with the Samsung Galaxy S. 20 ultra that’s a weird comparison but they’re also now still saying you’ll get. All-day battery life they say


11:00 hours of battery life by their tests of course like I said I haven’t had this long enough to really test that but that’s a good sign that the claim hasn’t changed too much still should
get pretty good battery life and that is pretty much the meat of it like they really haven’t changed anything about it that much about the MacBook air it’s still the super thin laptop lightweight machine we all know still the same port situation but what they have changed


is stuff that’s not the real core of it literally which is the specs and the keyboard but it’s not a MacBook pro after all so there are some things that they didn’t change to this laptop so
the big 1 is there’s no screen upgrade on this MacBook air it’s the same size 13 inch 2560 by 1600 screen and the bezels are all still here it’s a pretty nice screen but it’s not the best screen possible no wifi 6 and still a pretty garbage quality 720 P. night in 1080 webcam this


is what that looks like some kind of impressive how bad the webcams still looking he’s mac books and the microphone is improved and I think it sounds pretty good there’s a pretty
low signal noise ratio it’s not exactly up to the quality of the 16-inch MacBook pro which you might even wanna record a podcast on but decent parade improve mikes in a MacBook pro it just is so gonna look like this what you’re hearing now this is what a studio


the quality microphone sounds like just in case you’re wondering anyway there are better speakers in this laptop there’s more bass and about 25 percent more volume than the
last MacBook air I will say they don’t match up to the 16-inch MacBook pros speakers but that’s totally unfair because nothing really does those are incredible and the new MacBook air speakers are actually quite nice they get pretty loud and the sound clear


they’re still not as a base yes something for a bigger laptop but I’m impressed here in the final update which is priced this now starts at 999 which is still an expensive laptop but
that’s pretty good especially when you’re competing with other laptops in this category with the same components same performance ended pretty print. M. design plus it 100 Bucks off if you have a.EDU email address so it starts at 899 for them that’s your first look


at it, my take is at the end of the day barring any weird performance problems or strange glitches that I haven’t found this is setting itself up to be again apple’s most popular
a computer for here on out and it makes me want to switch the dell computer that I carry most often as a laptop is the 13-inch MacBook Pro I still hate that keyboard it’s still the flat butterfly switches and I feel like I could easily switch to the MacBook air I don’t do


anything that complex I don’t do video editing on my laptop that much so this could easily be my daily if I can get used to to ports I think the number 1 thing I would miss is the X. reports and a little bit of a brighter screen but generally MacBook air is looking pretty good


either way, this refresh is about what we’re looking for for the MacBook air good work now apple if you can get on it with the 113-inch MacBook pro that would be nice either way that’s been it thank you for watching I mean if you wanna see some iPad stuff in the comments below what you guys think K. G. as the next 1. Based.


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