Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops You Can Buy


Not sure if I’ve got enough laptops here. Hey guys, I’m Tomatechap. If you’re after a new premium thin and light aka Ultrabook Kennel laptop, then you’ve clicked on the right videos. These are ten of my top picks right now, but if you think I’ve missed any great options then share your recommendations in the comments below as well. And if you do enjoy the video, a like and subscribe would be lovely.

Dell XPS 13

Let’s start with this guy. The Dell XPS 13. That’s dangerous. The Dell XPS 13 plus. I’m going to move these laptops.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

Now it’s getting silly and it’s just like the regular XPS 13 but with slightly better overall specs, a bigger battery, better camera and speakers, and while most obviously we have this crazy futuristic Irobotesque design, what do you think? Now, not everyone is a fan of this design and the no-gap keyboard and also there is no visible edge to the touchpad. You kind of just have to, well, feel your way around and when it stops moving the cursor, you’ve gone too far. We’ve also got this capacitive touch bar at the top for the function row and particularly in this platinum Ice color. I think it’s one of the most stunning-looking laptops I’ve ever seen.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

And this almost bezeless 16 by ten display is a real highlight. And there are actually three screen options. We get full HD LCD non-touch three K OLED touch, albeit 100 nits are less bright than the others, or a full 4K LCD touchscreen. I’ve got the OLED model here because, well, it’s kind of hard to go back to regular LCDs after you’ve enjoyed the deep inky blacks and rich colors and other cliche terms of an OLED or indeed an AMOLED, which I’ll come to later on the Samsung laptop. It’s a beautiful screen and actually, I think the three K resolution you get with this OLED option is the best balance of sharpness and battery life.

MacBook Air M 2

So that would be my pick, although it does add to the price a little bit. It’s also pretty powerful given its size with Intel’s latest 12th generation P series of chips. So in terms of performance, they’re significantly better than last year’s users but still not quite up there with the more power-hungry H series. And that’s together with up to 32 gigs of Ram and two terabytes of storage. So the XPS 13 plus starts at about one £200, which puts it pretty much right up against the new MacBook Air M2.


Although once you spec this with 16 gigs of Ram and maybe the OLED screen, we’re looking at around 1500 so it can get quite pricey. And if you’re not fussed about some of these upgrades, or more likely you just don’t like the design, then the regular XPS 13 or the two-in-one could also be worth looking at. Okay, moving on. And love or hate apple. You’ve got to admit their laptops are bloody good, especially since they introduced the M One last year.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

Now we’ve got the M-Two in this guy. The MacBook Air M Two. So this just came out, but it’s not as revolutionary as the 2020 M One Air, which is still on sale for about £250 less than this. And I reckon it’s still the better value option if you just want a good all round MacBook. However, if you fancy a leaner, meaner, faster, and all-round better MacBook Air with its M Two chip thinner bezels and much improved webcam, we have MagSafe, and of course, most importantly, some fancy color options, this 1250 LB MacBook Air M2 is arguably the best thin and light laptop in the world.

MacBook Pro

You might disagree. I would still say the base Air is better in terms of value for money. But if you want a premium Mac experience and you don’t want the heavier, more powerful, and arguably better MacBook Pro 14, then this is the laptop for you. It is quite expensive, especially when you start upping the specs. If you go to 16 gigs of Ram and 512 storage, and actually important, the 512 storage is double the speed of the base 256, then you’re looking at about 16, 16 50, which is getting frustratingly close to the MacBook Pro 14.

LG gram Laptops

But then again, this will last you an awfully long time and it is just a joy to use. So that’s the MacBook. But moving on, this video has in its title thin and light. Probably hasn’t read it yet, but you can’t have a thin and light laptop video without including LG gram laptops. And I’ve got two of the brand spanking new ones.

We’ve got the 16, don’t go all the way around. And the 17, it does also come in smaller size options, which are also cheaper. But these are the ones that LG sent for review. And actually, I think the bigger ones are kind of more interesting because the whole point of these grams is that you can get a big screen in a thin and light form factor, which you can’t really get elsewhere. I mean, just look at this 17-inch screen, 135 kilograms, 16-inch one-two, which is lighter than the 124 kilograms XPS 13 plus and you’re getting that significantly bigger screen.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

Now, the compromise with these has always been the material, the sort of magnesium alloy they use, it’s a bit plasticky feeling. That hasn’t changed much. But what has changed with these new 2022 models is we get the latest 12th generation Intel P series of chips. And so while these may not be the best looking or the most premium feeling ultrabooks, if you’re carrying it around all day and weight is really important to you, you want solid performance with the latest hardware. And also, as I say, you want the options for bigger screens.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops


Well, this could be right up your alley. Check this out as well. It’s the LG view. Plus. They actually sent it along with the grams here.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

And while there is normally a stand that you get in the box, I’m just trying to demonstrate this quickly. It is essentially an external screen that they’ll give you for free if you buy one of these from LG’s website, which normally costs you about three hundred pounds to three hundred and fifty dollars. That is a very cool setup. I like that. And obviously, it powers it through the USBC here as well.

LG Grams

So considering these LG grams are on the pricier side, you’re definitely paying a premium for that sort of thin and lightweight nuss. If you can get it with this plus view chucked in for free, then it makes it a lot more tempting. Alternatively, have a look at this. The new Samsung Galaxy Book two pro. It comes in both 13 and 15-inch versions, starting at 999 or 1099 respectively here in the UK, which is not too bad at all.

5G Versions

There are also 5G versions of this and there’s a flippy twisty two-in-one Pro 360 if you need a touchscreen tablet experience. It doesn’t quite beat the grams on weight for a similar-sized model, but it’s very close. This is still one of the thinnest and lightest laptops you can buy. I’ve got a 15-inch model here with this gorgeous Ammo Led screen, but can you guess what my one criticism is going to be? 16 by nine.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

It’s not the end of the world, but this is actually in the minority now, as most laptops come with the taller 16 by ten aspect ratio, so it just feels a little bit smaller and more cramped than some of the others. But it’s probably not a deal breaker really. And a lot is going for this. We get the latest twin Intel P series inside, as I say, an AMOLED screen, although still only 1080p, there isn’t a high-resolution option. Also only 60 Hz, so the AMOLED stands out.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro

The rest is a bit meh, but arguably this combines the more premium aesthetic of, say, the XPS with the lightweight chassis of the gram, and the starting price of £1000 isn’t too ridiculous. So that’s the Galaxy Book 2 pro. Very thin and light. This next laptop is, well, not so thin and light. It’s the new ASA Swift Three, but I wanted to include it because actually, it’s one of the more powerful and affordable laptops out there.


And we get a gorgeous screen. The Swift Three comes with Intel’s 12th gen H series of processors, which are a good deal more powerful than the Series you’ll find in a lot of these new Ultrason lights. So that’s better for photo editing or having tons of chrome tabs open, maybe even a little bit of gaming. Although there isn’t a dedicated GPU, as well as some beefy hardware on the inside, the screen is a real stand-out. It’s a 14-inch, 16 x ten quad HD OLED display which in my book is exactly what you’d want for a laptop like this.

SD Card Reader

We get a couple of full-sized USB A S, we get a couple of Thunderbolts as well, and also a full-sized HDMI No SD card reader, which is a bit of a shame. That’s the thing that’s the only thing I would have liked to have seen. But the screen is gorgeous, it’s got some good performance, and it’s also a bit more affordable than these other options. This starts at £800 for the I Five. The I Seven is a thousand, although if you do want a slightly more premium, slightly fancier design, then it’s worth looking at ASA’s Swift Five lineup.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops


Now, from Acer to Asus, this is one of my favorite ultrabooks so far this year. It’s the ZenBook s 13 OLED. It’s the only AMD-powered laptop in my top ten, and it’s also one of the first to come with the new Ryzen Seven 6000 series. I’ve got the 6800 U in here, which trades blows with Intel’s 12th GNP series in CPU benchmarks, but this is significantly more powerful in the graphics department. And somehow they squeezed all that into this absolutely tiny chassis that weighs just 1 kg or two £2.


Only the 13-inch LG gram weighs less, and that’s only by like, 35 grams. This is incredibly thin and light, it really is. You’re not going to feel this in your backpack at all. And together with a stunning quad HD OLED screen, 16 gigs of Ram 1 storage, and for that spec, we’re looking at one £300, which makes it relatively good value. I mean, I would buy it just because it’s got the Star Trek communicator on it.

Best Laptops 2022 Top 10 Laptops

I mean, sorry, the Asus logo. Oh, no. This is definitely one of the best laptops I’ve used this year. And I’ll leave a link at the end if you want to watch my full review of this. Next up, I want to talk about this.

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Well, I don’t actually have it with me. It’s the new Huawei MateBook. X Pro the New 2022 version I’ve not been hands-on with it myself just yet, but I’ve been a big fan of Huawei laptops for quite a few years now, and this updated X Pro gives us a slight redesign. We have this new ink blue color. It weighs just one two 6 kg, so similar to the XPS 13.

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