Google Pixel book Go – 1 Year Review


Google Pixel book Go – 1 Year Review

Hey guys in this video we’re gonna go over the Google pixelbook go not had this laptop for about a year and I want to talk about all the things that I feel like Google really got right with this device and some things that I wish they would change my name is Brandon welcome.


to bring the talks that. The vehicle would go was introduced in October of 2019 as a follow-up to the Google pixel slate which was a chrome OS tablet that was let’s say not ready for
prime time this I’m Google decided to go for a more traditional clamshell-style laptop and they knocked it out of the park the design of this laptop is excellent with the beautiful black magnesium case magnetic screen latch and read the bottom panel the black coating can be.


a bit of a magnet for fingerprints which is a bit disappointing but it’s not a deal breaker Google really embraced minimalist design with this computer there is 1 USB C. port on
each side and then there’s a 13.5-millimeter headphone Jack on the left-hand side and that’s it for input-output ports very very minimal opening of the screen reveals a lighted chiclet-style keyboard with what Google has called Huskies now they do live up to their name these.


keys are dead silent and the typing action is super fast this quickly became my favorite keyboard I’ve ever used some may find that the keys are too shallow but for me this
the keyboard is the bar by which I will measure all laptop keyboards going forward besides the keys the keyboard is very basic there’s a Google Assistant button on the bottom left-hand side which I don’t think I’ve ever hit on purpose I don’t find the system to be especially.


useful on a laptop I feel the same way about all the system programs like Cortana on Microsoft Windows it’s just not sufficient when I can just pull up a search bar and search
what I’m looking for on the topic of search is there’s also a search key where the caps lock key should be now this is a design choice Google made when the C. R. 48 prototype Chromebook came out way back in 2011 it’s been on every chrome OS device since I don’t.


really understand why. Why they decided to replace the caps lock key with the search key it’s there if you ever want to quickly search for something below the keyboard is a large
clickable glass trackpad I find the trackpad very smooth and very accurate it always registers my taps and gestures and is an absolute pleasure to use the only better track I’ve ever used is on a MacBook pro this thing is very close to the action of a MacBook pro.


touchpad it’s incredible that said it began discoloration almost immediately after I got it and now has a greasy stain that no amount of cleaning will remove which is kind of a
bummer to each side of the keyboard you’ll find 2 top-firing speakers well the audio quality isn’t stellar the speakers are very good for such a small laptop they have very good voice reproduction for those listening to podcasts or audiobooks are watching YouTube videos.


just like this one the 13.3-inch screen has good colors and excellent viewing angles movies and videos look crisp and detailed while websites in the text are clear and easy to read no this
is not the best screen on the market but it does offer a very respectable viewing experience Google does offer a 4 K. screen option on the top tier version of the pixel book go which comes with a hefty $1400 price tag and that’s just not reasonable for a phone book.


speaking of tears this machine comes in multiple build options my laptop is the base year with the core M. 3 processor 8 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage now keep in mind that
this computer is running Chrome OS a very lightweight browser-focused operating system that is designed to run on lower spec hardware and work seamlessly with cloud storage after a full year of near-daily use I’ve had no issues with storage space or sluggishness.


performance now if you wanted to run some android games however you might want to spring for one of the mid-tier models of this machine so let’s talk about chrome OS for the
minute some people will tell you that it’s basically just a browser because well that’s what it was designed. To be originally I was part of the chrome OS pilot programs way back in 2011 I actually received a C. R. 48 prototype from Google back then it was basically just.


the chrome browser running on a really tiny Lennix installation but over the years more and more functionality has been added to the point that I would call this almost a full
featured operating system. For most users note that I said most there are still some things that can’t be done in the chrome OS release can’t be done well also if you’re the kind of person who wants total access under the hood of the operating system to change or modify.


however, you like this will not be the laptop for you and if you need to do a lot of video editing or need specialized software such as auto CAD or QuickBooks this is not the laptop
for you but if you just need a device for web browsing or basic tasks that just works is fast and is always up to date I can’t recommend chrome OS enough so by now I’m sure you’ve gathered that I am extremely happy with this laptop I think this is the Chromebook and.


that we’ve been waiting for. Premium materials and OS-appropriate specs at a reasonable price but it’s not without its faults to let’s talk about the things I’m not too psyched about
my biggest complaint with this laptop is the auto brightness function the laptop always boots up with the brightness turned almost all the way down and I have to turn it back up occasionally during normal use the screen brightness will them for no reason and I can’t.


turn it off it’s not a huge deal and I’ve just learned to live with it but dang is it annoying second is no mere cast now I know you can cast to a Chromecast but Chromecast isn’t my
primary streamer with a mac or PC I can cast directly to a Roku or to a fire stick but you can’t do that with chrome OS it can only cast to a Chromecast there are times when I’m watching something on my Chromebook that I’d really like to do to show my wife would.


show to the family and cast into the TV to do that I have to switch sources on the TV wait for the chrome cast to initialize and then cast into the chrome cast and that’s just
the humongous extra step when mere cast could have just been supported natively it’s the same issue I have with the Google Pixel phones you can’t cast using Miracast you can only cast to a Chromecast other phones allow you to cast to Miracast allow you the caster.


devices that support Miracast like a Roku or firestick even iPhones will allow you to cast to Roku through airplay but you still can’t cast a Google device to anything that isn’t a Google
device and I think that’s a major oversight this late in the game from there my complaints are just NIT picky the screen is limited in how far you can go back I do wish that it would articulate further also wish the lighted keyboard would automatically come on.


when you’re in the dim room. Right now you really have to manually turn the keyboard brightness up but overall I would recommend the Google pixelbook go to just about anyone
I’ve had no issues and it still works just like it came out of the box the battery is even still holding strong consistently giving me about 10:00 hours of use with full-screen brightness and way too many tabs open in chrome it is become my go-to device for almost everything.


from zoom calls to web browsing even photo editing in adobe lightroom on the android version of adobe lightroom and it does phenomenally. So if you like this video, please
consider hitting that subscribes button so you’ll know when I put out new videos if you have one of these laptops let me know what you think about it drop a comment down below and let me know what you like or if I missed something that really should be changed as always thanks so much for watching we’ll see in the next month.


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