MacBook Pro 2022 Review: Apple’s M2 Revs Up


MacBook Pro 2022 Review: Apple’s M2 Revs Up This Dated Design

The very first MacBook with apple’s new M. 2 chip is here that is, of course, the 13-inch MacBook Pro first kind of the end to this is also to be a MacBook air with the M. 2 coming soon, and of course, you still got the and one MacBook air you’ve got the M. one pro in some systems in one maximum older but this is our first look at that M. 2. That when I first saw


the new 13-inch MacBook pro I said to myself it’s kind of strange looking back book but she wasn’t strange at all I’m just very used to apple’s new design language which is much more

constructivist much more minimalist is seen in the 14 inches of 16-inch MacBook pros the very squared you also see it in the 24 and I’m at the new 13-inch MacBook Pro however it looks a lot like the last 13-inch MacBook pro which I tested in 2020 and that


was 1 of the first wave of systems with the M. 1 ship it’s the slightly older mac design that tapers a little bit gently rounded edges and of course, this MacBook is the last 1 that you

can find with the apple touch bar I’m sure there are some touch bar die-hards out there it was underutilized little second screen strip just above the keyboard it was never as great as its proponents said never ceases and terrible as its detractors set so except for swapping


out that M. 1 chip for the end to ship this is actually exactly the same as that last 13-inch MacBook pro same keyboard safe touch bar same ports same screen same lower resolution

webcam which is disappointing because all of the new macs are treated up to 1080 full HD webcams and that includes the new MacBook Air that’s coming soon frankly people spend a lot of their time in online video meetings these days that’s actually very important from the original M. 1 mac lineup back in 2020 there was the air the mac mini


and the thirtieth MacBook Pro is virtually identical to this 1 I had the hardest time reconciling the M. 1 macbook pro 13 inch pro and it was not really that much faster than the macbook

air it was more expensive and it was a tougher sell really now with the latest generation of Max both these ones and the current 14 and 16 X. models it’s still kind of a tough sell there are some reasons you might want this 13-inch macbook pro with the older design but it’s


got to be something. Pretty specific now why might you want this 13-inch MacBook pro well maybe your touch bar Die Hard you really want that maybe you want something kind

of like the MacBook air but has active cooling in it because the fans are you could run it a little bit more aggressively maybe you have a creative shop we have a whole lot of 13-inch MacBook pros anyone platform continuity except for swapping out the chips this is going to


be identical to the ones that you bought over the last 2 years these are all very valid reasons I’m not sure they applied to too many people so the new 13-inch MacBook Air that’s

coming next month which I’ve seen but don’t have yet it looks really great, especially on paper and it starts at 1199 this 13-inch MacBook pro again with the older design and the low rents webcam that sorts of 1299 so they’re pretty much in the same ballpark now if I were


shopping for new laptop right now I’d be really really tempted to go with the new macbook air because it’s a slightly bigger screen better webcam core design cool colors same chip so I

suspect that the performance differences between these 2 are going to be minimal this 1 still might edge it out a little bit though because of the active cooling another reason you might want to consider this is because you want to get into the macbook pro line in general


but you don’t wanna spend the $2000 you need to start with a 14 inch macbook I think the 16 and started 20 500 Bucks it’s a really big price to. The biggest thing you want to hear

about probably is that you and to chip and how it compares to the other chips in the apple silicon line up that we tested some M. one systems that we’ve tested them to be tested and one throw, in the end, one Max systems so here’s kind of what the line of business follows along


with how apple describes it the M. one ship is still much better than older Intel mac books is at the bottom this chip actually had a pretty significant jump in Mostar benchmarks

and you can see that the charts that were gonna publish however the M. one pro just the next step up that I tested in a 14-inch MacBook probe just blows that away as well it’s just a huge jump in apple said this they said that the M. one the M. 2 and then the M. one pro


and Max and all these other guys so just because it’s called the M. 2 it’s not the top of the current lineup you can find our full review of the new end to 13-inch MacBook pro I’m seeing that check out the link in the description below. So at the end of the day, this new 13-inch MacBook Pro is pretty much exactly what you think it is it’s a modest internal spec


bumps to an existing product one with Franklin’s older design I definitely have some specific reasons that you as a specific laptop shopper might be interested in it but for most people, I suggest you hold out for the new M. 2 MacBook air which is coming soon and give that some strong consideration as well.


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