Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Full Review!


Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Full Review!

Hey guys I’m told that job and this is the new surface laptop go to tell 1 name pretty good love salt and actually I wish I had 1 of these 10 years ago definitely makes me feel old but back in 2010 when I started university most students woke up to class with 1 of these bad


boys but not me I couldn’t afford 1 I actually did bring my desktop PC with me made for gaming but in terms of taking notes and lessons and not having a laptop with me I use
whatever chunky old horrible pains him windows XP thing I could get my hands on the thing is though as also as the MacBook air is particularly now with the M. 1 was costing you even more impressive and more expensive and to this coming out the cheapest ad even


with the student discount, we’ll see you back 800 99 pounds the same adults, however, this starts from 500 29 pounds all 599 in the U. S. although I think the strongest competition
this comes from the likes of Suzanne’s book 14. actually, the vivobook 15 which of course is a bit bigger but it’s similar to money with no lead screen faster graphics more ramble storage keep that 1 in mind as well. So feels like we don’t get a new Microsoft


surface devices that are often but there are 2 questions to choose from now with the recently launched studio laptops at the top bands and then you’ve got the surface laptop for which
goes up against the likes of the mac okay and then we have this the surface laptop go to and mostly I reckon this is the 1 all these 1 of the laptops I’m gonna recommend to my friends when they ask what’s the best all-round laptop that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune


which is all the questions I get asked all the time so the first laptop go came out in 2020 just as the pandemic was kicking off 2 years later it definitely did a refresh and so with
the laptop go to we get the new eleventh Jan Intel processors with much faster Intel iris graphics also the base spec now gets 128 gigs of storage up from 64 and it’s also the faster PCIe times, not the rubbish EMC storage may also improve the webcam which while not


perfect is probably the best camera you can get on a laptop at this price point what do you think as you can see lighting makes a big difference to the quality of most of the noise yeah
look at that if you’re a dog grooming gets pretty ropey but then spin around into the light. Not to battle and you can also see it just well but I’m a bit exposed to that but then it so it just affects it not too bad not the best in the world but definitely I think above average


for the  webcam but what do  you think in terms of the video and also the audio quality the keys have 30 percent more travel the battery’s been boosted by a couple of hours and most
importantly a bold there’s a new color you may have to trust me on this but this is sage it is very silvery I just got a little hint of green which you can see in some lights they’re all metal there are no fancy Alcon Tara options Hey like you get on the surface laptop and design


wise nothing’s really changed it’s still 1. one kilogram we still get a 12.4-inch screen with that 3 by 2 aspect ratio so Islamist square and less rectangular really less much less stuff
you know what still I think this has a really nice design is a little bit of tape as well to get students was the front these are absolutely lovely laptops they just feel I’m looking premium and I really do think these are prospects for students or just as a nice little home more


office laptop. I kind of wish the screen will go a little further back the most likeability that the hinges are quite sold not too much screen mobile doesn’t flex is very very well made well
you can also see here those viewing angles all the best maybe that’s a good thing though if you take this election you know what about post next you coping notes or saying that she looking at sports some Netflix and some work. Speaking of the screen though ANZ this


is not even fully state it’s just a little bit of a 720 P. although it’s 12.4 inches it’s not that bad honestly as the reason we shop are you calling to see individual pixels around 150 P. P. I. which
are normal distance is fine and also while the brightness does drop off a little if you looking off angle on the whole I think this pixel send screen looks really good Microsoft claims Finjan 30 minutes but I missed it engine 50 which is pretty decent actually it’s a touch screen


although we don’t get proper pen support and also we get decent enough color accuracy you’re looking about 98 percent sRGB so I would be happy to watch movies and edit some
photos or write an essay on this all day in fact I wrote my anti script for this on the surface laptop go and it was a really nice experience I love the keyboard on this as I say it’s got a little bit more key travel the folder you might already know that it’s really nice to type on


I do just kind of wish that we had a backlight there is no realizing behind the keys which aren’t in the world. I tell a lie there is 1 key that gets a bike light and that is the power
button which has doubles as a fingerprint reader so how much well as I say it starts at 5 and 29 pounds $59 and that’s for 4 gigs of ram I know I’m 120 storage which is double the amount from last time although this dust off 50 pounds more but overall I think we’re


getting a better deal on the entries back however it does start to get a bit pricey exit ramp 120 storage is an extra 0 and if you want a get around into 56 storage is another 0 again
so I think actually this mid-range more let’s go ahead with the 8 gigs of ram and 120
storage is full of the sweet spot 620 pounds or 6 months $9 all versions get the same Intel I. 51135 G. 7 processor with the Irish X. the integrated graphics I’m on the new processing


gives is a welcome 18 to 20 percent boost in performance 82 percent jump in graphics is definitely the huge headline and I can even get away with some light gaming in
rainbow 6 sieges on top of that Microsoft claim they’ve also boosted the batch you with this and we should be looking at up to 13.5 hours but I can tell you that’s not where you gonna get in real life 1 hour of your tube drained 18 percent of the battery and I see my everyday


kind of use of the Netflix you choose Spotify Google docs is so normal things I go between 6 and a half in 7:00 hours so you might just about get through a full day of school back in
the office with this well the good news is that the Microsoft connected charge it is nice and small so you can carry it with you it takes about an hour to charge up to 80 percent plus you can also charge it via the USB C. port if you prefer speaking of which we get a


regular and I see quite slow USB type 80 plus the U. S. B. C. which supports display out if you wanna hook up an external monitor as well as data and charging and also a headphone
Jack and on the other side the surface connect charging ports also the speakers are surprisingly good for a laptop this size and while this price not bad until. So should you buy it well yeah I really like the surface laptop go to as a terrible name but there are a couple


problems as a sales slide along about your life would be nice that screen resolution really isn’t particularly impressive no all those you angles but that’s fine and it is a lovely laptop to
just use to type on the precision touchpad is really responsive and of course, you got the touch screen if your profile I just kind of wish that we had 8 gigs of ram a standard that would make a big difference I don’t really want to pay another 0 just a formal gigs of ram


and I think the biggest problem with this is the competition not from the mega cab and say things like this M. boco viva book with arguably better specs Sampha similar money but if
you want a good all-around student slash home laptop underwent a panoply 40 and he wants a nice compact size definitely give us of his laptop go to look and that’s if you fancy checking us out I leave links in the description below and if you got any questions a toll let


I know in the comments and also let me know if you would go for this for some like the book instead thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoy the video see more from me hopefully you didn’t achieve a like and subscribe to live would be very much appreciated I don’t see next time right here on the tech job.


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