RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE Review


RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

I want to talk about some next-generation gaming laptops. So every few years the stars line up just perfectly. So you have new CPUs and new GPUs at the same time. And this is one of those years. So we have new CPUs from intel as well as new CPUs from AMD.


Both look promising, but also new GPUs from Nvidia and AMD, all for laptops. In years like this, when everything’s new, it’s like a really good time to buy stuff.

Usually, we’ll get into that, but a bunch of leaks has pointed towards a flagship Nvidia product at the top end for laptops that is supposed to be phenomenal on performance, like the stuff we have never seen before in the laptop space. And it’s going to be called a 40 90 or maybe a 40 80 Ti for the mobile segment. But check this out.


On desktops, we have the 49 and 40 80 GPUs that are ridiculously fast. These are legitimately 80% to 100% faster than the previous generation. They are expensive, like truly nasty, nasty expensive.

But the performance bump is real and the power efficiency is way better than the previous generation. And that is what I find most interesting about the 4000 series Nvidia products.


So these things can deliver performance that’s like realistically about 50% better in terms of performance per watt than the 3000 series stuff. And on a truly game-changing laptop. That can fundamentally change what people can do with a laptop. So the rumors point to an ad one three based product.

So the stuff that the chip that’s in the RTX 40 80 desktop card, that chip being used in a laptop and they’re reducing the watch, like the standard kind of 175 watts for a gaming laptop, right?

Big jump

They’re able to pull off desktop 3090 performance in a laptop. Like I gotta let that sink in for a second. That is such a big jump from what we have available right now. Now it’s probably a bigger laptop that can pull this off and it’s probably like $80,000.

RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

But desktop 30 90 in a laptop and I imagine that type of power and energy efficiency is going to trickle down at least to some degree, going down to like the 40 70 and 40 60 laptops.

I think this 4000 series lineup is going to be something very impressive for gaming laptops. And then AMD is also supposed to be coming out with their 7000 series GPUs.


Again, desktop 30 80 to desktop 30 90 performance in a laptop, we’ll see. Now the CPUs are also very interesting. So I’m going to lead off this thing with a leak that came out for the Razor Blade 18, an 18-inch device from Razor, the purveyor of premium gaming accessories and gaming laptops.

RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

They have a 17-inch device that’s already quite large, but they have an 18-inch device on deck ready to go. Now if you look at their current 17-inch razor blade. There isn’t enough room on the kind of top panel to fit an 18-inch screen.

aspect ratio screen

I’m assuming they’re going with a 16 by ten aspect ratio screen. So not this one, like a slightly taller screen, but even if you stretch it out, I took a measuring tape to this, you can’t fit an 18-inch panel, at least not well on this top panel.

So I’m assuming it’s like a whole new chassis for them to pull that off. Unless they go with unprecedentedly thin bezels. Is that even a word? Let’s just go with it. Unprecedentedly thin bezel.


RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

If they do that, then maybe they could fit in this. But I think it’s a whole new chassis. But the thing that was interesting about this week was that crazy high multicore score, that one 3900 HX is a 24-core, 32-thread chip that is being cooled properly, I’m assuming, in a laptop.

RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

So that is a desktop caliber chip, like the One 3900K from the desktop just detuned a little bit so lower wattage, lower clock speeds be able to fit into a laptop. And I mean, the performance is unreal.

Powerful chips

Like if you look at last year’s chip not last year’s, but like the current generation, one 2900 h, and one 2950 HX chip. These are very powerful chips. Truly the fastest stuff you can get on the market for laptops. And this new chip beats that top score by 40 or 45%. It’s nuts.

Like I don’t see how they’re cooling something like that in a laptop. It is a geek bench. So it’s just a short burst of performance, but it’s just a crazy high score that just never could have been achieved before in this space. And there’s also that leak of the new AMD chip. It’s a twelve-core chip.

Better performance

RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

So it’s going to be a nice step up compared to anything we’ve seen from them in the past. And I think there are just going to be more AMD laptops in general at this point. They’ve proven to the world that AMD can deliver really good components in the mobile space and I mean that’s awesome, but all of this sounds great. New components, better performance, and everyone’s playing in the game. It’s good until you kind of think about the price point of all this stuff.


So I’m convinced that at the top end, these devices are going to be nasty, and expensive. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if that high-end, like 40, 90 laptops and whatever Intel CPU they throw in there. I wouldn’t be surprised with a $5000 laptop, like legit $5,000. I could see it. I can see that price tag just like burning a hole in my eyes.

I’m like how it just kills me, right? Because you have cool tech from companies that have come down to like, the laptop space and it can be like, we can do cool stuff with it. Well, we’ll come back to that but it kills me.

Laptops Dropped

Now, the perspective I have on that is this is based on history. When the 30 series laptops dropped and when the 20 series laptops dropped, like when they were announced, there’s a small window of time right after those products were announced, that like, the previous generation stuff goes on a pretty aggressive sale.

I remember it was very noticeable when the 20 series laptops came out and like, those 1080 and 1070 laptops were like $1,000.

RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE

Really good stuff. There is this little window when you can just pick up the previous generation. And I think when it comes to laptops, like, we are dealing with 15, like maybe 17-inch screens. These are giant screens, right?

So I’ve never seen the appeal of playing on these relatively small screens. I get some people are into it. It’s just the image of a 4K image at 17 inches does not look all that different from like, a 1440p panel.

And if you’re playing games at screen size, you just don’t need crazy hardware. But from the perspective of technology enthusiasts, I think this upcoming year is going to be one of the best years we’ve ever had for, like, impressive gaming laptops.

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