A Gambler’s Streak?: What drives Chancellor Kwasi


A Gambler’s Streak?: What drives Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

Because according from London. Hell no he wants time to shop for solace. Long wait on the outside new jobs according to now at the heart of government. As a trusted ally. The prime minister. Who is he quoting historian intellectual and slant of conventional thinking?


A new chancellor charting a fresh course with tax cuts. No corresponding cuts in spending and with boring to fill the gap bold experiment whole reckless gamble.

Yeah maybe shooting from the hip might be a good analogy but ending any chance let’s take on a Honda. A package of circumstances than him he is set needs someone who is not going to be afraid of a big idea it’s a disastrous move it’s discredited orthodoxy


and I think it’s morally reprehensible. Treaty quantity we just got the correct stuff. Standing out as an outstanding university and had supreme confidence even before he

started. Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll do very well with the teenager Taney chipped 200 missions shooter before his interview. Trinity College is one of the grandest in riches to Cambridge. About an illustrious son of a neighboring college provides crucial clues into how


quality quoting things a chancellor should act. King’s college benefiting from the investment now serves John Maynard Keynes Britain’s most famous economist of the modern era

Keynes was repudiated by the right thought because he quoting studied him very carefully I was inspired by his writings to develop something all the gamblers streak he was struck by Kane’s description of a chancellor as a chess player brilliant at preventing opponents


from going no more than a few moves ahead was the canes view what a missed opportunity thought quality quoting west the flat why not deploy that most idiosyncratic of

pieces on the board the night. And so coaching is making daring moves decades of treasury orthodoxy which says that day-to-day spending should be funded in normal times out of taxes he’s out of the window. His thing is John the next fence was exactly his approach to


politics. Let’s call contemporary sees a chancellor taking historically significant steps I get is bold confident stuff and I think both the prime minister Liz and quality understand that

leading in these roles is about the confidence the market’s confidence public confidence in the economy but it is also quite a high risk and I don’t think they would do you for mass I think they’ve understood that slow growth post-pandemic risk of recession requires bold action I


mean in the end the test is whether can we make this seeming inevitable recession short and shallow not long and deep the terrible thing is I think this is an experiment that when

Tim Pat on the 80000 people who voted for this trust in the Conservative Party election later sees this as a gamble to fall. I think he’s an ideologue. Who lives in a bubble. Who really doesn’t understand most ordinary people’s lives who have a sort of theoretical. A


brilliance. But a total lack of pragmatism which I think creates this chaotic set of policies. Always challenging established thinking a negative and controversial book with

contributions by the future chancellor and prime minister the book famously included a quote describing British workers as among the worst ideas in the world. I thought he might annoy Boris because he with you know the what comparisons you know he’s obviously


in the classic sense, history has said it quite has the same sense of destiny I think a mischievous editor giving quality crossing a column to keep always Johnson on his

toes. Saracens remember the future chancellor challenging the status quo at his table for the conservative Oakeshott society at Cambridge you had to be brilliant and you had to be original and you must be born so you conta she calls the practice so he was one of the great


performance during that period any hot this is too intellectual confidence love that is one thing but Oakeshott, as I understand him, was that today natural skeptic didn’t like state

dog muck consider conservatism a city-state of minds rather than at rather than ideological so he was sick and too suspicious of any state intervention well I enjoy it and enjoy it and knowing him is his relish of life he’s fun company but teasing friends with different political


outlooks and history always on his mind you happen to be here for dinner not long after the Brexit referendum and I think he was the only Brexiteer who rounds this table which is a

table of academics and almost to say something about his position in defense of his position he actually likened it to the English reformation and he said that at the time 0 yeah it’s brought back to balance he Henry didn’t know exactly what a Protestant England


or Britain was going to look like nor did his immediate descendants and it took about a century of bloodshed these are his words but in the end, it all worked out and Britain’s sailed on into its glorious future which I thought was an interesting analogy. The merging into the limelight of a new chancellor breaking new ground and a new partnership moving at speed. And convention.


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