Retaking Kharkiv: Is this a turning point in the war?


Retaking Kharkiv: Is this a turning point in the war?

As the tide of Russian forces has been pushed back this is what’s left behind hundreds of graves. You crane your authorities in is your examine bodies they say perhaps as many as 400 on this site to learn exactly who they are or how they died it’s so far unclear however


the hockey regional government says this certain they found evidence of war crimes villages did not today there are many children their bodies with hands tied on the box each

of these facts will be investigated and they will get to legal review still all of this can only testify the world has to acknowledge that this is a genocide of the Ukrainian people. The map of ground retaken by Ukrainian forces over the last week makes startling viewing


some military experts believe Russia will struggle to adjust to what’s just happened Russia far exceeds any just resets the defensive line on grounds that they can actually defend and

that’s critical because Ukraine has the momentum to house the initiative I’m not sure he has the operational all the machine from this very daring operation in the east that’s probably is being far more successful than Ukrainians even thought what is clear is being clear yes


since the start of the operation in February Russia just does not have the troops to try and achieve what it wants to militarily in Ukraine thank you said you live in a Putin was

in respect to start yesterday meeting some of the few world leaders will still take his calls the Chinese president may have greeted his Russian counterpart as my dear old friend but this is not the relationship of equals in China may be having doubts. I don’t think it’s


entirely clear to them whether to have the Russian’s other friend is still all that useful to them it seems. Quite obvious from Putin’s opening remarks that he was talking. Hello

to a superior we know you have questions and concerns that are not. Hello, friends who are all equal. As the scale of Russian losses intensifies that isn’t a ready pool of quality equipment recruits with which to replace them. Sure. These pictures verified by the BBC sure the


leader of Russia’s Wagner group of mercenaries addressing civilian prisoners in Russia in return for 6 months of military service he tells them they’ll be set free. Yeah, but the

biggest sin is desertion no one backs them no one retreats no one surrenders. Yeah this does not suggest a ministry with many options at least not good ones it shows the desperation that Russian forces all wonder just to increase the personnel that can fight


in Ukraine which is okay on the defensive side the offensive requirements and training requirements are all completely different so they’re still going to be in a very difficult position if

they want to go on the offensive line and take back to retrieve the lost. Meaning near struck Mr. Putin told reporters today that his military plan in Ukraine is working but warned that the conflict could quote get more serious please give us a W. the Kyiv authorities have


announced that they have started an active counter-offensive operation we’ll see how it goes and how it ends. But what keeps western leaders up at night is what Vladimir Putin

might do if he feels that the Ukraine fight is becoming hopeless. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered consequences well beyond the battlefield from energy to geopolitics how Russia how the west how the world emerges from this and how soon is still shrouded in gun smoke.


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