Twitter: How many bot accounts are there?


Twitter: How many bot accounts are there?

Twitter says that it has nearly 240000000 monetizable daily active users millions of those accounts that are all too real that ball spam and fake accounts and that’s something both tweets at it must accept but what they disagree on is how many accounts are fake or


even possible depending on how you define box you could have anywhere from less than one percent to 20 percent it’s a debate this time into a $44000000000 question either

must attempt to back out of a deal to buy Twitter. Sir how many adults are there on Twitter. First of all with the claims that less than 5 percent of all of its daily active users all boats you know Moscow says that figure is nonsense what do you think it is what do you


know what’s interesting I mean at a top 5 percent what it what is it. I think it’s a number that is probably at least 4 or 5 times that number this is why eagle Muscat least he claims

is backing out of the deal and even accused Twitter of fruit. The center of the disagreement comes down to a definition well actually it’s a box Michael Connie founder of Twitter bots will not. You have an account. Just tweets out gibberish based on computer algorithms but


then one time if that account is tweeting from someone’s cell phone and a natural person making their honest you know comment on the world is that a body count or not and so

they’re not it’s not a static thing that exists without an agreed on definition Ilan mosque how to go trying to estimate the number anyway in his counter seats his team came to use a tool called multimeter and concluded that 33 percent of all Twitter accounts were


bots. The problem is spotted me to it doesn’t actually say whether an account is a bot not just the school routes to 55 being likely to be adults 0 unlikely. So wedded email musk

drew that line. So how to choose the specialty is key to the answer of how many balls are out there on the path. It’s not clear what you know the masks team did right so to me you can choose any special they want which is book claims that are also at the very least questionable


this is Clayton Davis one of the researchers who created bottoming out Twitter has slightly conflicting priorities on the one hand they care about credibility but they also care about having high user numbers right that charge was backed up by Twitter whistleblower and former

head of security pieces that coke who claimed that Twitter exacts a financially incentivized to count as people. This comes down to how Twitter actually counts its bolts on its way


less techy than you might imagine. The chief executive power I girl described in a tweet how they do this our estimate is based on multiple human reviews he said it’ll musk said

that is totally unscientific and yet the creator and maintainer of faulty meets up the tool either muskie using things that Twitter’s methodology actually isn’t Bob Bob if I were the people that are already doing something similar right it’s just still to me how


they define those things it’s not clear if they really want to do this they can sit together so we can see all can we agree on this account is Bob is a condition that between 7 to the mosque on sitting down together they simply cannot agree on how many balls towards the house and that’s the fundamental problem perhaps no one can.


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