US President Biden condemns Russian invasion


US President Biden condemns Russian invasion

By dressing the U. N. General Assembly president Biden called Russia’s invasion a shameless violation of the core principles of the U. N. charter he also urged the will to stand together to oppose Vladimir Putin’s veiled threat to use nuclear weapons well this.


was Joe Biden and a letter Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the United Nations charter. No more important. Then the clear prohibition. Against countries taking the

territory of their neighbor by force. Again just today. President Putin has made nuclear threats against Europe. In a reckless disregard. For the responsibilities of the nonproliferation regime. Now. Russia’s calling up more soldiers to join the fight.


And the Kremlin is organizing sham referenda to try to annex parts of Ukraine. An extremely significant violation of the U. N. charter. This role should see these outrageous acts for

what they are. Putin claims he had to act because Russia was threatened. But no one threatened Russia. And no one other than Russia sought conflict. In fact. We warned it was coming. And when many of you work to over-try to avert it. Punjab’s words make his true.


purpose unmistakable. Just before he invaded Putin asserted and I quote you crane was created by Russia and never had quote real statehood. And now we see taxon

the past even more horrifying evidence of Russia’s atrocities and war crimes. Mass graves uncovered it is him. Bodies. 42000 and act as great as those bodies showing signs of torture. This war. Is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state. Lane and simple.


and your grace right to exist as a people. Whoever you are. Wherever you live whatever you believe. That should not that should make your blood run cold. That speech at the

United Nations from Joe Biden came just hours after Vladimir Putin’s televised address announcing what he called a partial mobilization of Russian reserves it marks a significant moment and what the Russian president is always cold a special military operation he’s a


rush editor Steve Rosenberg. Under pressure did you cry Russia’s president has chosen the path that is most familiar to him. Escalation. Should get pregnant but digit but defend our

motherland you know its sovereignty and territorial integrity she put the security of our people and on that liberated territories which is it is necessary to support the proposal of the defense ministry but there’s a chief of general staff will be on the station announced a


partial mobilization of humility reservists. 7 months after invading you’re crazy. The Kremlin is courting up 300000 reservists. Support but it still calls the special military operation. I’m

from Russia as, under in chief this threat to the west who do not. Still, my system, not our country too as different weapons of destruction apply in some cases almost in the nose of NATO. Even if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened yes I did.


Russia and our people we shall of course use all means at our disposal. I am not laughing. So why the threat and why now well in a few days the club and we’ll try to annex a

whole swathe of Ukrainian territory Vladimir Putin’s saber-rattling sends a message to Ukraine and to the west don’t attack don’t try to take those areas back. As news of mobilization spread through reports that flights out of Russia were sending outfoxed.


concern that men of fighting age would soon not be allowed to leave the country they’re my beside still I’m worried this is just the start Sergei tells me that they could be full

mobilization yes the table it’s a good Margarita says if our leaders demand this we must do our duty I trust Putin 100 percent. Clinton later the president made his defense minister they’ve decided mobilization because they’re short of troops. That’s what social.


Susan caps across Russia this motion reaching a close Putin ally has been recruiting inmates to fight Ukraine promising them their freedom if they serve 6 months with his

group barking up and survive. It’s not that that would be Lana went to visit her husband in prison a few days ago she was told the husband a convicted murderer wasn’t that what we’re talking about I said what do you mean not here he’s been here for 13 years and.


suddenly he’s gone. They told me they had no more information a few days later he called me from a Ukrainian number I know for sure that my husband is in Ukraine so I mean what

I would do then if Oakland even if he agreed to go that he was sent illegally sending convicts into combat is against the law. Now let me Putin will send reservists to Ukraine. This was his invasion this is his war with the west and he’s determined not to be defeated. Steve Rosenberg BBC News Moscow.


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