English Football League to recommence on Tuesday


English Football League to recommence on Tuesday following the death of Queen Elizabeth

If. Okay let’s bring you more on the breaking news in the last time AFL fixtures will resume tomorrow after all matches in England went to spend this weekend as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth the second as you can see our reporter Karen Hughes joins me on set now right what more can you tell us, yeah he fell receives we knew that they just


don’t they need to have the discussions with the police and the safety advisory groups which signed off on the licenses but confirmation that the EFL returns tomorrow there’s always a full program tomorrow Wednesday across the championship league 1 and league

2 thought comes back and then also as well enough football 88 is coming back as well however what the if I lives have stressed, is that you know they will be matched by match case by case the discussions around certain gangs because everything has to do with with


with the most important would be safety county football match be put on safety for the public to go to it enjoy it enjoy the game and leave safely thoughts well that 1 the whole word means what it constitutes a loaded you sticks mainly around policing in the

emergency services to come not to be delivered in the way that it normally does because there is a strain on all policing at the moment we’re in a period of national mourning where the police all forces are helping 1 another out being stretched out the country as well as we


lead that again towards the the the state funeral the majesty the queen next Monday which is an enormous national international a fat as well so they’ll look at certain games case by case doesn’t say that they won’t go ahead they just have to be looked a little bit more

Catholic and I think robots where we are when it comes to that that the premier league there’s no confirmation yet that the premier league it’s going to come back on Friday because they’re 2 games on Friday for Saturday 4 and Sunday that’s because there are


discussions going on with the. The place the moment this is no longer a government issue by the way just to make that clear in terms of the government they have now passed on to a discussion between permalink AFL on the place can it be done can be done safely leave it

up to you I think they did the guidance from the what’s called the cabin office protocols is urging sports you not to do anything on Monday during the funeral but we’ve already seen for example in racing the B. H. A. British horseracing authority of counsel racing there


are no football matches next Monday anyway because that’s what we’ve got 2 games the Friday it’s an international week starting for the nations league so pricing plays a traveling to meet up with international squads that’s one headache out the well on that front I’m just

in terms of just to give you the so the major places he was talking them I mean it really is the police talking with the between sample the premier league and then that members who all the clubs I think probably this is up that somebody died Aug I was just sent


yesterday worth reiterating is that following decision the public in a field council the weekend’s matches we now what close to football clubs the trying to show that where possible football fixtures can take place safely when balanced against the requirement

support national events and deliver a day-to-day policing so my reading from that and the conversation I’ve had is almost a match this week it is almost like match-by-match candidates much be done safely rather than so I’m not gonna sit here and say what all 10


premier league games are definitely going ahead we’ll definitely be postponed I think they can look at some of them on an individual basis I think. A pretty obvious require more resources than others for example the games in the capital on Saturday evening the

top unless the game then they’re a couple in on Sunday preferred all still and then you’ll Chelsea Liverpool as well but also the much-delayed game as well G. M. P. a G. going to match the place of a pardon a huge force that along with a number of the forces led west


Midlands police South Wales police they will get cold into the mix for any major attempt within the U. K. as well as they could be a stretch a muscle sing there is well I think the hope is that everyone will find out as quickly as possible because people apart anyway is that the people watch us the fans who might be going to the game thinking of going to a


the game they want to let them know as quickly as possible but just up a bit of patience but the buzz word here is safety kind of football box we put on safely with all the requisite policing if they can it will go ahead if it com we’ll wait and find out how they rearrange them okay government for the moment thank you very much indeed.

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