Family travel world before children go blind


Family travel world before children go blind

3 D. difference Boston’s 4 children will one day go blind. Media Colin and alone have been diagnosed with a rare condition. Retinitis pigmentosa is a degenerative genetic disease. When I pin is this L. in der retina slowly dice and they’re gonna lose their


eyesight from the outside to the inside. Nationalists suggested giving visual memories from books. I said to myself I’m going to just not show or in a book I’m gonna take her to see a real elephant and giraffe. It isn’t zebra soon decided to go on a yearlong world tool for

the children to save as many sites as possible. Thinking about it we said we might as well go all in and show them world show them how beautiful the world is to just fill their visual memory with as many beautiful things as we can. They decided to take basic transport


and accommodation. To keep costs. To. Yes, we want to fill their visual memory but also we want our kids to become a little more resilient because throughout their life they’re getting needs to have results. I don’t want them to see what’s happening to them as a

curse or something terrible I want them to see that this is their path in life and they have great challenges per day I have all the tools within them to face those challenges so far they’ve been to 6 countries across 3 continents. My favorite moment was sleeping on a


train. He and my challenging moment on the trip was horseback riding in Mongolia. I said that only strong my favorite moment was when we played in the waves in Bali. Yeah. My favorite moment was my birthday because I rode in a hot air balloon. Exposures at. Because of this life. Is that right?


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