Apple Watch Series 8 hands-on: release date, price


Apple Watch Series 8 hands-on: release date, price, features, and first impressions

Hey guys its tech for everything apple watch series 8 hands-on release date price features and first impressions of the apple watch series might seem a bit boring compared to the brand new apple watch ultra but don’t be mistaken upgrades to health tracking safety and


connectivity look to make the best smartwatch even better all the standout apple watch series 3 upgrades are on the inside the new watch has the long-rumored skin temperature

sensor and long-awaited low power mode which can extend the latest apple watch’s battery life to 30 6:00 hours the apple watch 8 also has a new crash detection feature leveraging improved motion sensors for instant help when you might need it most otherwise not much


else is new but that’s on brand for what I’ve come to expect from the apple watch year after year incremental updates to the watch continue to pay off as apple keeps the $399

starting price in place whether it’s enough again this time around remains to be seen in a full review. For now here are my hands-on impressions of the apple watch series 8 and an overview of all the new features apple watch series 8 price and availability of the apple


watch series 8 price starts at $399 for a 41-millimeter GPS-only model and $499 for the GPS plus cellular version. The 45-millimeter size meanwhile will start at $429 and go up to $529 for cellular support. There are 2 additional apple watch models to choose from this

year the 700 $99 apple watch ultra the 200 $49 apple watch and see 2022. You might recall the original apple watch as he started at $279 so that model received a $30 discount a move that makes sense with the apple watch series 3 being discontinued. Finally. Apple


watch series 83 orders are lined with full availability on September 16. Apple watches series 8 hands-on design the apple watch series 8 looks identical to the apple watch series 7 sporting the Kirby chassis and thinner display bezels that debuted last year. This screen is

optimized for the new watch us 9 faces though there are no additional cases for the apple watch series 8. That is unless you pay close attention to the callers of the apple watch series 8 colors including midnight silver starlight and product. Blue and green watches are no


longer no I don’t feel one way or the other about their departure besides customization comes by finding the best apple watch bands for your style. Apple watches series 8 has and-on battery life with low power mode the apple watch series 8 can last up to 30 6:00 hours

otherwise expect the same old 18-hour lifespan between charges I’m definitely interested to see how or if low power mode changes my apple watch charging schedule. Thank.


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