Apple Watch Ultra Hands-On: 14 New Features


Apple Watch Ultra Hands-On: 14 New Features Detailed!

People say about 14 things to know about the brand new apple watch old truck now this is just a first look at things that look for a full interview a little bit later on the first thing you notice is the new action button on the side right there this allows for easier access to the watch to controlling the watch when you’re wearing gloves and a particular is the ability to go


and customize what happens when you press that button so can be used for example for setting a lap all running commuter for actions to open a particular app to customize that in the watch itself the next thing they’ve increased the digital bezel size was larger again all

but use it in the outdoors in the elements and rain and snow and even underwater or scuba diving with we’ll talk about in just a second as well next is the increased battery life is 30 6:00 hours in the regular standby mode up to 60 hours in a low power standby mode


and on top of that, they also increase the battery for sport mode meticulous a new lower power sport workout mode which apple says they can publish entire arm and traveling 17 hours one Ironman triathlon so that is a lower power mode was not a lot of clarity what

happens in that lower power mode for standpoint in terms of what those trade-offs are still that’s way beyond the existing apple watch our capabilities to be a complete a full Ironman triathlon most travel on both tribes have used the apple watch I tend to top out around 5


or 6:00 hours that’s kind of as far as the jets next increase the display size up to 49 millimeters from the existing 45 millimeter sized it would also increase the brightness of 2000 it’s so if you’re out in the outdoors doing hiking I love the bright sun you can see

this play just fine notes from the thickness it’s definitely thicker than the apple watch series and even feels a little more gritty because of that added I exercise the digital crown as well that edging around that right button there and then just for fun here’s the comparison to a


garment epic series watch I just kind of see how that side of that all of them actually have slowly built into it unlike the regular apple watches where you choose between you know a non seller seller model all the models of the apple watch old perhaps older built-in okay a

a quick note if your funds to do into useful now’s a great time to work out like but the bottom it really helps with this video and the channel quite a bit next you’ll notice a revamped compass app in the app is more than just the compass itself it really become like the


outdoors app if you will that includes. He believes do saving away points so you can say for example the parking lot might start in our the trailhead and allows you to get back to the point, later on, he’s been distracted for technical beats speed automatically taken out

when you’re outdoors and hiking in fact the route using GPS so you can navigate back up point later on it using the waypoints that you save we’re just going back to the starting location in fact with that there’s also a newly revamped compass watch face that you can see


right here as well you can tap on IT and different modes as well as access different publications just like you would with the existing apple watch now if you do go off track there’s a new 80-decibel siren or alarm that allows you to go ahead and be heard if you’re just off

the trail from Tempe fault the trail get hurt you can utilize the alarm to go head notify people that are nearby. We have seen. Temperature sensors okay the top hold. 30 percent bigger than serious that is the microphone. East side. It is the second. The speaker to


speaker it’s againitsoing it work to make them all in about 40 percent louder during phone calls that one specifically is the siren and then we have the awesome action that should be that apple added to frequency or multi bandit GPS into the ultra this allows for more

accurate to a GPS tracking especially in cities and I’m kind of like a train around mountains and cliffs and things like that how we saw a chorus in a garment out this over the past year to their watches are Firewatch in the midbrain watches are so it’s neat to see apple address


here as well obviously this is something I’m going to put to the test as part of my full interview a little later on also apples of the track running lotus coming a little later on this year a little automatically snap to Al Gore tracks customer again was seen from other

companies in the space in the betting Durrance running straight into business hers is more accurate GPS track so when you’re on the track in your splits match exactly up the lines on the track itself the winner is entirely new to apple is using this as a dive watch other


traditionally the most watched company tends to shy away from a safety standpoint but in this case, apple certified advice up to 100 meters of water dust resistance which is more than enough for most people’s operations and they’ve created a new dive

abba built into the watch itself animus could ever myself to do a fair bit of diving but they partner with a third party company for a scuba diving out there that has a way more capabilities he didn’t sell has some of the multi-gas capabilities and things like that you


might expect but still, it’s got all the baseline for recreational diving mix there are a couple of speaker changes the microphone changes first offer they’ve increased the number of speakers in the loudness of the speakers, and then second they’ve added additional

microphones to existing apple watches have 2 microphones versus the older has 3 and the reason that matters by having 3 microphones you kill him do noise cancellation of windy environments that’s the same technology used in most action cameras like if you had to go


pro, for example, nexus 3 microphones on it and they can cancel out the noise sound get the best possible audio quality next in line with the apple watch series 8 about a tempter tracking to this that’s primarily useful female health tracking a particular ovulation cycles

but will he. The story we tell you what your ovulation date was I was not looking forward yet that’s something that you see for example from a weapon or and others a bit goes ahead and tracking your ovulation cycles of my historical standpoint also added to the apple watch


series a is particular across a Texan all this once already has of course in sport cross-section if you crash your bike but now this will also go ahead alert emergency services if you do get into some sort of vehicle crashed last but not least are the bands are 3 different

bands to choose from you’ve got this nothing here this 1 that basically hooks on back onto itself you’ve got to 1 that’s a for diving here this 1’s kind of amorphous silicon feel once again decide to go over what suits and then finally you have a trail addition here are very


similar you see a lot of from running watches having tried all these a few times now I see the trails but my favorite is followed by the ocean 1 I’m not a huge fan of this particular strap on it tonight once it’s on your wrist but it’s honestly a pretty big pain in the **** to get on and off your wrist every single time I’m maybe something that used to over 1 per time but for myself, I’ve ordered the trial version is the 1 to go with speaking of ordering and the


price is 700 99 US dollars or 900 99 years old and it’s available on September 23 now you’re not already subscribed to the channel then I think okay this is the scribe button down below that we can stay tuned for the full interview of not just of these watches but also the apple watch series H. and the apple watch a C. with that thanks for watching.

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