The Apple Watch Ultra is here and it’s extreme!


The Apple Watch Ultra is here and it’s extreme!

Apple has launched the $799 849 pounds apple watch ultra which Apple says has been years in the making and is designed for more extreme sports to take on the likes of garments it’s made from aerospace-grade titanium which I think we can assume is strong


the front of the 49 millimeters case has an easy-to-read brighter up to 2000 nits and a flatter screen with a new customizable action button the action button can be used in various

ways most usually to instantly begin workouts or move you to the next interval or the next leg of the multi-sport work out it can also be used to mark segments the normal side button is designed to be used when you’re wearing gloves it stands proud of the case


cellular’s standard while there’s a second speaker to the digital crown is also more tactile 30 6:00 hours of battery life is offered on a single charge using a new set coming later

on it can last up to 60 hours for extreme sports apple says want shelter has enough battery life for most to complete a long course triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim 112-mile bike ride in a full marathon at 26.2 miles in new way finder face can be customized for different


the sport uses such as the ocean or running it includes a compass built into the dial with space for up to 8 complications we can’t wait to try this phase-out night mode means the U. I. turns

red for increased visibility there’s more info available on screen to the GPS has also been improved as well there’s a new compass app to part of watch OS 9 of course that gives you more info such as latitude longitude elevation and inclines as well as an orient hearing view


show. Owing compass waypoints you can market yourself backtrack using GPS data to create a path showing where you have been which is useful if you get lost if you do get lost

then there’s another feature that can help you an 86 decibels siren design for emergencies its operating temperature range has also been expanded from 20 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees making it as resistant as the military-grade year it’ll also withstand depths of up to 100


meters and it’s also certified the M. 13319 the internationally recognized standard for dive accessories a new desktop displays time current depth water temperature duration underwater and Max step 3 each to new bands also can cope with more extreme muses and closing like wet suits while there’s a thinner band too the new bands are called trail

loop alpine loop and ocean band apple watch ultra is available to order today with availability beginning Friday, September 23 a week after series 8. I hope you enjoyed this video also do not forget to like and subscribe and ring the bell to be informed of our next video until the next video bye bye.

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