Houses washed into sea as Storm Fiona batters


Houses washed into the sea as Storm Fiona batters Canada

The military is being deployed to Canada’s Nova Scotia province after tropical storm Fiona battered the coastline hundreds of thousands of people across 5 areas have been left without power and officials have warned of severe damage to critical infrastructure the ana


has that report. Tropical storm Fiona has blasted eastern Canada leaving devastation in its wake houses were washed into the sea and hundreds of thousands of

people are left without power as winds up to 100 miles per hour bring down power lines. Emergency teams already working to clear the roads of the vast amount of debris and fallen trees left in its wake. 2 women were reportedly swept into the ocean in


Newfoundland. Posted by asking the southwest tip of Newfoundland bore the brunt of the storm the medical had to stage the merchant C. and evacuated parts of the town that were

flooded prime minister Trudeau has pledged federal help to affected communities as we see the images of houses falling into the sea waves destroying property and buildings our first thought needs to be for people to make sure that people are staying safe buildings and


even communities can be rebuilt but we have to make sure that we’re keeping everyone safe. Storm Fiona has already swept through parts of the Caribbean knocking out the power

across virtually all of Puerto Rico but the storm surge was not expected in Canada according to the conversations that we’ve had around my folks who have been in this community for a long time all from a lot of all of their lives between 70 and 80 years a lot


of fun they have never seen anything like this before that window is not a big issue here it’s always you know during the winter months particularly we have 10440 wins but we don’t have our storm surges still feeling is now losing steam and has been downgraded


to a post-tropical cyclone but his prime minister, Trudeau admits infrastructure will need to be rebuilt to withstand ever more frequent extreme weather as we see these maybe once in a century storm start to hit every few years liana his area B. B. C. news.

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