Italy votes as far-right candidate Giorgia Meloni looks


Italy votes as far-right candidate Giorgia Meloni looks for victory

Not voting is underway in Italy’s general election polling stations opened 2:00 hours ago opinion polls taken during the campaign suggest the country will get its first female prime minister on its first far-right leader since Mussolini in Georgia Maloney I went for her policy would be expected to see the return of silica but this guy only a Matteo Salvini to


government 2 men who had ties to Russia’s president Putin offering correspondent mark Levin reports there are some things that Italians agree on the best coffee and food and

many they do politics is one of them and it’s a the for today in a crunch election. It was spotted in July when the prime minister of money but I D. lost the support of his coalition partners so-called Super Mario had stabilized this politically volatile country emits the co


the pandemic and war in Ukraine. Georgia Maloney’s fall right brothers of Italy has led the polls she wants tax cuts a naval blockade of Libya to stop migrant boats and its hard line

on LGBT rights a party has neo-fascist roots but she vehemently rejects the label. She’s in coalition with the ultra-nationalist league of Matteo Salvini and the ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi known as much for his Bunga Bunga sex parties in center-right politics.


Fighting them is energy collector pro-European pro-civil rights but he failed to form a broad center-left coalition. He fell out with the once anti-establishment 5-star movement that

came top last time but has plummeted it’s hoping its social welfare policies will save it now. So how will the poll affect the war in Ukraine Mario Draghi has been a big supporter of Kyiv and Georgia Maloney packs that coalition partners have had close ties with


Vladimir Putin and Salvini have even suggested dropping sanctions on Moscow due to the energy crisis. This election matters both here with me perhaps about to elect its first

woman prime minister I’m first following the leader since Mussolini and abroad with implications for its relationship with Europe but this country title most 70 government since the Second World War so we like to be back here again next. On this website for your


correspondent Jessica Parker hasn’t grown inordinately hi Jessica so what are people listening to you about that concerns them about what they’ll be voting about. H. H. yeah I mean

first of all, I think the most striking thing about talking to people is the sense of apathy overall the people are just a bit fed up but they had to go to the polls after the collapse of marriage between Rockies unity governments in the summer and certainly quite a lot of people I’ve spoken to


yesterday I had a cold and I said I didn’t even know who they were going to be facing for many times of the issues that people talk about tax often comes up so I think Georgia

Melanie’s pledge of a tax cut has gone down quite well with Satan’s head inordinately. A region that is a relatively wealthy pulse over the country but that policy does seem to be popular they the center-left as well a promising level of tax cuts


immigration comes up as an issue as well that people want to see a tough line on and energy costs now that schools any she familiar with people across Europe at the moment a

surging energy costs are a real problem for households for businesses as well they really want to see some help will further help on that so I think those are some of the cuts kind of key issues that come up when you speak to bases here as they head to the polls yeah I’m too


Jessica I’m Georgia Maloney has talked openly about lit doing more she says to defend its lease national interests how concerned the E. U. by having a possible election and what

might happen that often. I think it’s a bit of a mixed picture actually so you’re right she’s talked about assessing Italy’s national interest that says that you are already been happening with Hungary’s Viktor Orban I’m sorry that is the sense that if you add another


a nationalist into the mix but it’s going to be very problematic for the European Union to have cool the blood largest economy with the needed reading glasses what happens here

however, some diplomats are speaking to Brussels relatively relaxed about the situation because they think if she does become prime minister in some sort of coalition domestic issues are going to keep her very busy and she softened her tone in terms of the E. U. are

Prime Minister

you a recent yes so I think it’s quite hard at the moment tonight for sure how big the impact could be on Brussels but of course the outgoing prime minister Mario Draghi very

much like Brussels former head of the European central bank so I think it’s Georgia Mullaney does become a prime minister basically it’s not going to be seen as something of


a challenge for the European Union as I say that or do you feel that dealing with what they regard as errant nationalist governments in Poland but particularly hungry and they wouldn’t want to rule-bound the prime minister back to have another ally in the raid I can’t discount and Verona thank you.


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